Getting Real With Landon, Kyle & Co.

There’s a thought in the business world that certain businesses can only be started–and run–by certain people. The most popular example of this in tech, of course, is Steve Jobs and Apple.

He started the vanguard tech hardware company in 1976 and after a hiatus came back to run it with even more success again in 1996.

Donovan didn't know he would be in the line-up against Arsenal until the pre-game meal on game day.

If you were eating too much, surviving family in town, or snowboarding over the holidays you might have missed three interviews that could have only have been down by the respective parties that provided the questions and forums to their subjects. We’ll run’em down for you now and provide links so you don’t miss anything.

• Landon Donovan by the Followtonians Podcast.

Our friends over at the Followtonians interviewed Landon Donovan last week and I dare say the feature could not have been better nor handled by anyone and produced the same sterling and “easy-going” result.

Reason being? The Followtonians podcast is an educated, but off-the-cuff production done by unabashedly Everton fans, one (Eric) in the States, the other (Peter) presumably prowling the grounds right outside Finch Farm.

Since I’ve been cordially invited on their podcast a few times I got to witness firsthand the fervor that Eric and Peter pursued the Donovan interview nearly exclusively on Twitter.

Donovan, as we know, eschewed another loan opportunity over to Goodison to rest with wearing legs and it was clear the US soccer star has a special spot for Everton and their fans.

Further, you could tell he wanted to talk about his experience and wanted Everton fans to hear it.

Here are some excerpts:

• Donovan chatted with [Everton manager David] Moyes before his December break in 2010 about a possible loan over this winter. The manner in which Donovan describes it leads the listener to believe that it was Everton or bust on loan this year for Donovan.

• Donovan on other clubs that might have asked about his services this winter, “No thanks, no interest.”

• Landon learned about Everton’s interest in his services through a text from Tim Howard last year.

• Donovan requested #13, but the club presented him with and asked him to wear (the) #9 despite an initial protest.

Sure sounds like if Donovan does transfer across the pond there is but one destination that we will consider as he described playing at Goodison to going to Disneyland as a kid.

You can download the podcast here.

Loves talking about wearing the jersey...

• Kyle Martino by the motley crew that head up the American Outlaws Supporter Group

When hearing the verbose Martino speak on soccer two things emanate: One, the man knows what he is talking about and two, you can tell Martino has come to grips with his career being over but certainly pines for the days he  manned the center of the pitch.

Martino’s an affable fellow and the hosts are borderline lunatics in a good way and the segment just came off great.

At one point during the podcast, I’m quite certain there was a discussion of drinking beers with a shotgun in your hand. If I didn’t know the boys over there were based in Nebraska, I might be a tad worried.

There’s a great spot too where Martino discusses his thoughts on the January camp, or as the Outlaws call it, “January Annual Getaway brought to you by Ameristar”….or something.

Download the podcast here.

Hairman, speak the rhythm all your own...

• Alexi Lalas by Dan at the Free Beer Movement

Perhaps they should have discussed the failed Proposition 19 in California, but no matter.

Lalas is a colorful cat and the Free Beer Movement is the perfect accomplice for Lalas to roll off some of his lines, like:

On soccer growth in the US:

I often talk about the soccer army that has been amassing over the years and now has started to come above ground. The battle has only just begun, but I like our odds.

On allegedly being more popular in soccer than his brother, broadcaster Greg:

I routinely break him down until he’s a sniveling, broken shell of human being. Then I pump him back up and do it all over again…it’s really quite amusing.

You can check out the entire interview here.


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