Silly Season Redress: Junior, Pienaar, More…

Lots missed in a Monday where TSG wasn’t at the internet terminal:

• Junior to cross Black Cats’ path?

Junior, moving with ball against Colombia...will he be moving without it soon?

A Fox Soccer reported suggested Michael Bradley could be the cat’s meow at Sunderland FC in the Barclays.

Been an interesting week for Michael Bradley’s name in the press. Last week, before an odd weekend benching (was a move near then or is it something else?), there was some second hand reporting with these comments, paraphrasing Bo Munchen manager Michael Frontzeck:

If he goes, we don’t have a chance to stay up’. He won’t even listen (to offers)

Next Bradley on the bench–with a slew of new faces coming in for Bo’Munchen.

And now yesterday reports of a Bradley move to Sunderland to play for track suit man Steve Bruce.

As we “predicted” a few weeks ago, a Bradley move is likely, especially if Bo’Munchen get relegated. They’ve got Bradley signed through 2012–making him a lame duck if they stay up next week or prohibitive if they go down.

Bradley has consistently stated his desire to play for a top club and, while the Bundesliga is a burgeoning league, Bradley will still get better exposure playing in the EPL.

As for Sunderland, I think it would be a good move for both. Sunderland’s lunch pail, direct football style caters to Bradley’s strengths. Had this exchange with Jonathan Wilson, the noted footie analyst and huge Sunderland fan, last evening on Twitter:

TSG: Thoughts on viability of a Bradley transfer? You’re the man to ask….

JW: In the pub on Sunday I was moaning about the middle of midfield and how SAFC needed a more complete player, esp when Catts (Lee Cattermole) is unavailable. Was struggling to come up with viable target, but Bradley seems ideal. If moving 4-5-1, though, maybe need creator.

TSG: Have not seen him play-is Henderson (Sunderland super prospect, CM Jordan Henderson) too green or headed elsewhere..MB (Michael Bradley) would fit, I think, with Cats current set-up, agreed on the 4-5-1 though.

JW: Henderson is v(ery) promising, but still young and maybe leaving. He and (Keiron) Richardson in the middle of 4-4-2 lacks bite/presence

TSG: Cats will need attack in middie if MB (Bradley) arrives, still horribly sprays the ball. Aggressive tackler, best on O when trailing play.

JW: Five in midfield would liberate Hendo, though, and/or allow one of the slow old men – Steed and Bolo – to create centrally.

So if you followed that conversation, there you have it. The short. Bradley fits in the current system. I don’t necessary seem him thriving if Sunderland go to a 4-5-1.

• Jermaine Jones’s move to Blackburn: “I’s” and “T’s” crossed

Good move here for Blackburn and Jones who was in the Schalke doghouse. Better still if Jones gets to pair with Steve N’Zonzi….the closest thing there is a to Michael Bradley clone.

• Stevie P on his way out, chooses Spurs


Word is that Steven Pienaar is joining Tottenham Hotspur despite having an offer from Chelsea. Interesting to say the least. I’ve never been of the opinion that “Steven Pienaar is top team quality.” While he can break down many, he holds the ball too much for my liking if he’s going to be the centerpiece of that offense.

At Spurs, not sure where Pienaar will play. It’s no secret that Spurs need depth if they are going to regularly compete for the championship, it’s just where does Pienaar fit in. He’s not going to play on the right flank, advancing with Rafael Van Der Vaart on that side. I think he’s too small to command the middle of the field. I could see the left and letting Gareth Bale overlap, but what does that formation look like?

Maybe Spurs are committed to losing Bale or Lennon this summer, so they are buying ahead of the loss. Seems plausible.

Darren Bent: Migrant again...

• No spiders at Villa Park

Growing rumors that after Darren Bent’s big payday at Villa, Gerard Houllier is still looking to stock the shelves. Latest rumors? Charlie Adam (that’s actually not new) and CONCACAF man Maynor Figureroa of Wigan.

• Miscellaneous

• Confirmations across British press, that Ryan Babel is taking his Twitter game, his rap game and his lack of game to Hoffenheim. Oh the hopes the Reds’ fans had for you.

• Omar Cummings loan move to Villa…now dead apparently. A casualty to failing to qualify for a work permit.

• Luis Suarez rumored to Tottenham Hotspur among others. Frankly, as long as Spurs can get somebody to consistently put the ball in the back of the next, there going to be much better than the very tough beat they are now. Having now witnessed about eight games on the season for Rednapp’s crew, the lack of finishing in and around the box is….shocking.

• The saga of how Beckham’s transfer went down.

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  1. Posted by dth on 2011/01/18 at 1:55 PM

    Pienaar may not be great, but he’s certainly better than Aaron Lennon. Bam, there you go.


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