Manchester Derby: Live Commentary

Nani scores the first goal, though no acrobatic celebration.

United right the ship after last weeks blip against Wolves. City had their chances, but United defended well. Lets see if the rest of the chasing pack have an answer to United’s derby win.

TWEEET TWEET TWEET – The game ends with no real drama. United were clinical in putting the game away.

91:00 – 4 minutes of added time. On the bench, Lord Ferg is fuming.

88:00 – Giggs and hair have a weird relationship.

84:00 – SWP has no imagination in any of his passes. He telegraphs everything. At one point he had so much potential, but in the end became one-dimensional, though something about his games keeps getting him picked by every manager he’s played for.

81:00 – 10 minutes left. Should be riveting! City still passing very well, but their end product is nothing to write home about as Dzeko blazes one over the bar.

78:00 – GOOOOOAAAL. What an amazing goal from Rooney. That came out of no where.  Nani sends in a poor cross that is behind Rooney, but he launches himself up and bicycle kicks the ball straight into the back of the net. Goal of the season. WOW. Untied 2 – City 1.

77:00 – Little Mikey Owen pretends to care about the game as he half-heartedly stretches. Harry Potter is sitting behind him

74:00 – United are giving City much to much space in the center of the pitch. They finally cut in between a SWP and Dzeko one too to clear. Game is completely open as Nani waltzes across the halfway line all the way to the box and has a shot that goes well over. He was barely challenged.

71:00 – Even at 105 years old, Giggs is a master down the wing. Unstoppable as he sends a delicious cross, but its well cut out by the City defenders and Silva brings it forward.

69:00 – Game has opened up again as both teams look to be the next to score. City’s attacks seem to be more convincing as even SWP gets into it with a nice little run.

67:00 – Lord Ferg counters by sending in the Berba for Anderson.

65:00 – GOOOOOALLL. Dzeko. The Bosniian has been on for less then 5 minutes and one times a cross off Silva’s back and completely wrong foots Van de Sar. A little lucky and Silva should be credited with that goal, but a goal is a goal and it’s all level here at the Theater of Dreams. United 1 – City 1

63:00 – Tevez and Silva certainly have developed a good understanding and ping it around the United box. Tevez brings it down and sends a teasing cross that agonizingly bounces around the penalty spot, but not a light blue shirt in sight.

60:00 – Good move from Mancini as Milner comes of for Dzeko. Should have started the game or second half like this. Lets see what the former Wolfsburg striker can do in 30 minutes.

59:00 – Dzeko’s trackie bottoms are off. Entrance is imminent.

56:00 – Silva turns three defenders with one jinx, but his well struck shot is straight into the inviting arms of Van de Sar.

55:00 – Scholes with an acrobatic and bizzare back-pass that befuddles Van de Sar and goes for a corner. From it City win another.

52:00 – City start of brightly, but like the first half, have nothing to show for it. Oddly their first move is to take Kolarov (who has been largely absent) and replace him with SWP!!!! Dzeko anyone?

TWEEEET – and City start the second half.

PEEEP PEEP. Halftime. Well it was all City in the first half, but United counter well and take a 1-0 lead into the dressing room.

46:00 – City respond well, but United have grown in confidence as a nicely worked move ends with a Giggs shot over the bar.

41:00 – GOOOOOOOOAAALL. What a well worked counter attacking goal by United, as Nani scores his 10th to give United a 1-0 lead. Giggs supplies the pass that Nani expertly controls, takes one touch and easily slots past Joe Hart. City were dominating the game, but United are up a goal. United 1 – City 0

38:00 – Shot of Gary Neville on the bench. Thought he retired?

34:00 – Giggs left alone out wide and sends in a peach of a cross that Fletcher charges in and heads directly at Hart. Nice bit of football from the red half of Manchester, but the Scot should have done better.

31:00 – City still pressing. Most of their attacks are coming from Zabaleta and Richards and typically end with Silva and Tevez. United’s rear guard standing firm but for how long?

24:00 – As one might expect, the game has slowed down a bit, but at the same time opened up as well. Both teams are getting time on the ball.

16:00 – City have looked the more dangerous team as they are making the better runs coupled with the crisp penetrative passing. Van de Sar hasn’t been challenged though.

14:00 – Micah Richards just manhandles Giggs as the Welshman goes of on one of his trademark mazy runs. Everything was within the rules, but that is no way to treat the elderly.

12:00 – Another random surprise here, but Micah Richards is playing very well and and very effective as a wing back. will get back to you re his defensive duties.

11:00 – Nani gets a little space and sends in a pile driver of a shot that whistles inches over the bar. He then complains to the ref about something.

8:00 – Lots of shoving and blocking and end to end stuff, but nothing that has troubled either keeper.

4:00 – Silva and Tevez have a lovely one two that leaves the Spaniard one on one with the Van de Sar, but at a very tight angle. His shot trickles inches wide.

2:00 – This one is started with all the pace and verve of a runaway locomotive. Milner brings it out of his own penalty area all the way past halfway, but is well tackled by Scholes. Not sure what was more impressive or surprising.

David Silva has been quietly having a very productive season and has brought out the best in Tevez

TWEEET TWEEET – and United kick off and in seconds win a corner


Sadly no Balotelli as a match up between the fiery Italian with tons of talent and Rooney would have been fun to see. Dzeko on the bench? Not sure why, but i guess Mancini knows what he’s doing.


Here are the line ups

Manchester City: Hart, Richards, Kompany, Lescott, Zabaleta, Milner, Barry, Toure Yaya, Kolarov, Silva, Tevez.
Subs: Given, Wright-Phillips, Dzeko, Boateng, Vieira, Jo, Toure.

Manchester United: Van der Sar, O’Shea, Smalling, Vidic, Evra, Fletcher, Scholes, Anderson, Nani, Rooney, Giggs.
Subs: Lindegaard, Brown, Owen, Berbatov, Hernandez, Carrick, Rafael Da Silva.


Morning everyone. It’s stupid o’clock here on the west coast, and TSG studios is up and stupid.

9 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by JG on 2011/02/12 at 6:38 AM

    All City in the first half? Don’t you mean City controlled the first 20 minutes and United were constantly in the ascendancy after that?


    • Posted by sfshwebb on 2011/02/12 at 6:53 AM

      I think City had the majority of possession and the more fluid attacking moves. United did well to defend, but aside from the very worked goal, showed little in mounting an serious challenges.


      • Posted by JG on 2011/02/12 at 6:58 AM

        Possession was 54-46 for United and they had seven corners. Not that City weren’t dominant for a significant portion of the half.


        • Posted by sfshwebb on 2011/02/12 at 7:01 AM

          Well those stats certainly fooled me. I thought City were the much more dangerous team.


  2. Posted by bwhite on 2011/02/12 at 6:45 AM

    Idk why they spend 40 million on Dzeko and then mancini leaves him entirely out of the first half. It’s a must win for city and an aerial threat would be perfect in this match….ridiculous.


  3. Posted by JG on 2011/02/12 at 7:33 AM

    “Giggs and hair have a weird relationship”

    Comment of the year/decade. So true.


  4. Posted by Berniebernier on 2011/02/12 at 1:03 PM

    I am tactically a newbie so forgive the rant if it makes no sense.

    I know Bradley has shifted to a 4-2-3-1 but it seemed to me that the US could play the 4-5-1 that ManU played today fairly well with the pieces the US has.

    Altidore in the Rooney role…
    Dempsey and Donovan in the Giggs, Nani role… basically playing a 4-3-3 with the ball
    Holden and MB90 (or potentially Edu) get to sit in the Anderson Fletcher role, keeping them in the middle in a D minded role with the ability to attack if the opportunity arises
    Jones in the Scholes role (could see Holden here but not sure about Jones in the Fletcher role… need to see more of Jones)

    Evra gets forward a bit but so does Cherundolo (and Lichaj) and it didn’t seem like O’Shea moved up that much.

    The thing I don’t like about the 4-2-3-1 is that Dempsey is the best middle 3 guy (I don’t see Holden/MB90 playing this role as they haven’t shown me enough attacking) which means that someone plays out of place on the right. Seems like a bad fit although better than a 4-4-2 as we want to get 5 mids on the field (and lack a second striker).

    Am I missing something or does this thought make sense?


    • Posted by Kevin on 2011/02/13 at 2:48 PM

      I think that although you can instruct to play a 4-3-3, 4-5-1, or 4-2-3-1, All three of these will end up playing out the same. It seems to me that just about everybody at the point wants one of those formations with a lineup very similar. The only real reason I see to instruct a 4-2-3-1 is because both Jones and Bradley seem to play like a defensive midfielder and Holden like an attacking midfielder. as opposed to something else. There is still a large untapped CM pool in my opinion though I would still like to Mix Diskerud with the full sqaud, and will Torres ever fit in. He’s clearly not bad I just don’t think Bradley, or most of us for that matter, know how to use him. It’s a shame, but Mix looks up.


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