US Women Sit Pretty As Algarve Cup Champs

Don’t look now but a youthful US Women’s team has just won two tournaments in a row.

This time, the Algarve Cup in Portgual by pouring salt on Iceland.

4-2 the final and the indomitable Heather O’Reilly with the goal below. Well done ladies.

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  1. USWNT looking like it is getting is act together during this cup. Granted in this video it shows many icelandic players ballwatching, but the US has been impressive in the previous matches as well. Know they may not be the favorites this summer but they have a good chance.

    Matt, reconsidering your prediction that the USWNT will NOT win the World Cup? Their determination seems to be there.


  2. No good place to post this…

    TSG needs to do some investigative journalism (before someone else does) and call up Chuck Blazer etc. all at Concacaf. (Also maybe contact AO to get an inside scoop).

    Who botched up the ticket situation for the Gold Cup this badly?

    Questions to ask about what went wrong with communications…
    1) CONCACAF has known for how long what the matchups would be, and they couldn’t have figured out which sections would be supporters sections a month ago?
    Case in point: For the Detroit, USA v Canada match neither Sam’s Army nor The Voyageurs (our brothers’ to the north) new how to get supporter’s tickets till practically today (the day of pre-sale tickets). Was this intentional? I think the Voyageur’s still haven’t gotten a section together.

    2) Sam’s army had posted the “STAND” code and rules about the supporter’s section yesterday (read over 15 hours before tickets went on sale). While AO’s still did not know (or at least did not post) anything about how to get some tickets till 2 hrs after tickets went on sale. It seems that USSOCCER responds to Sam’s Army’s inquiries a little faster than AO. Was that intentional?

    3) Concacaf’s website is a joke and was not even linking to how to get tickets for maybe 1/2hr to 1 hr after they went onsale at ticketmaster.

    4) Side note: Should be interesting if AO and Sam’s Army are to be intermixed in a single supporter’s section which is non-general admission. When was it decided that it should be (non-general admission)? Why the combined section?

    5) At one point today on it was stated that “pre-sale tickets would be sold at 10am “NEXT WEEK” Wednesday.” That was corrected eventually.

    6) Who exactly did AO have to “negotiate” with to get a block of tickets? What is the rational behind severely limiting supporter’s section tickets and making them be sold through ticketmaster not through supporter’s sites? Is Concacaf that greedy for extra revenues?

    If Chuck Blazer and company think this is the right way to start off what they hyped as “the biggest-ever and best” Gold Cup then they are mistaken. Maybe all of this, is par for the course but buying seats was confusing at best today.


  3. By the way, no I am not obsessed just frustrated that I constantly over the last day had to look for information on buying tickets. I have better things to do.


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