TFIY: The Timbers Fall, But One Man’s Army Shone Brightly

This “The Fan In You” piece by John Nyen

The Timbers Army on foreign soil....

Editor’s Note: This is a piece by Denver-based John Nyen who saw his Timbers kick it off in MLS Saturday. Despite the loss, still a rocky mountain high.

“I was a stoop-shouldered wreck of a man, stumbling around the Gatorade aisle of the Super Target. I purchased a bottle of lemon-lime, a can of peanuts and walked out to the car, pulling on my sunglasses. The light diffused across the lenses showing the heckle-jeckle spottiness, the result of beer being spilt on the lenses.

The remembrances flooded in from the weekend due to this unusual trigger.

“We are green… we are white…”

The Timbers Army sat in the corner of Dicks Sporting Goods Park, taking up sections 100 and 101. It would be easy to say, “game is at 8:00 pm show up then”, but that isn’t how the Timbers Army or the PID Army/Class VI does things.

Friday Night:

I rolled into downtown and already the reports had been coming in from fans. 400 to 500 Timbers Army were coming down from Portland and swarming around downtown. There was a scheduled party between the differing fan supporter organizations at the Celtic, downtown. Pulling into Denver, I wondered what the reception was going to be like, but there was no reason to worry. One block over from my car there were two Timbers Army members, scarf clad and clothed in green, crossing the street. I kept running into more and more as I got closer to the bar and then it was ID time, walking around the bouncer into the inner sanctum. The Rapids fans were clustered en-masse in the middle of the floor, and I walked into the final sounds of “GLORY, GLORY COLORAAAAAAAAAADO!”

Clearly we were here for a good time. The PID Army and Class VI brewed a special IPA called “Three Match Ban” for the event and the 12.5% offering went down quite smooth. I have always found the dynamic of football supporters in the United States quite interesting, because we are bonded by more than just the love of the game. There is an underlying outsider mentality to supporting the game in the States that fosters brotherhood. The defending MLS Champion Rapids can’t even make their season preview close to the front page of the Sports section in the Denver Post. Every sports personality who writes uninformed diatribes against the sport (especially MLS), just fills these ranks even more with the diehard fan. This league is not going away.

All around me there was scarf trading going on, with both supporters groups sporting the various new offerings. New friends were made and new scarves obtained.

I met a group from Portland that included a man from Salem who spent every last dime of his money to get to the game. His group was staying in the hostels and he arrived with an empty bank account. He wasn’t concerned though, because all he needed was his room at the hostel and his ticket to the match. Everything else would be considered secondary.

The late night faded into morning and the excitement of the coming day prevented me from sleeping well.

“We are green… We are white…”

Game Day (Saturday):

Then it was finally here, the day in which the loyal fans of the Portland Timbers would see them play their very first MLS game. There was another filled schedule today, and finally I made it to the British Bulldog to enjoy a pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-waypre-game pint. This was 1:30 pm. We had six hours and thirty minutes left till game time. It was time to get it going. The Bulldog was packed wall to wall with Rapids and Timbers supporters. The televisions and big screen played the Barcelona game, and in between the impromptu singing you could here the cries of adulation as Dani Alves scored a sweet volley to have one of the goals of the day.

I spoke to a wealth of fans that day, including Timbers Army members from Washington DC, Kansas, Texas, and all over Oregon. Some people had gotten off work on Friday night and made the 18hr drive from Portland into Denver just for this one day. It would be a quick turn around to make it back to work.

The busses arrived and we were off to the match. It doesn’t take much to get a bus packed with soccer fans singing as we made our way out into the cornfields and empty lots that surround Dicks Sporting Goods park. Like a UFO that landed out in a rural neighborhood, the stadium lights gleamed overhead at this shiny place.

“Sooooomewhere…. outside of DENVER…there’s…. a…. DICK (sporting goods park)”

Departing the bus, we walked up to the Pig Roast. Oh yes. The Pig Roast. I must be honest, I don’t care that the previous sentence was a fragment, that is how damn excited I am to remember the pig roast. People came up to me unbelievably giddy with the prospect that they had just received a piece of ear. That is how good the pig roast was. It mattered not that the wind came up at that time, as the Bulldog’s Supporters Group set up a spread to be marveled.

Beer was flowing and the pig was devoured with both groups of supporters mingling. The common refrain was that we were going to love each other before and after but hate each other for 90 minutes. This was shown in the class way that the Supporters Groups treated each other. Eventually the soccer ball made its way out and an impromptu passing drill session started on the fields behind. Then the sky darkened and we made our way into the field.

It was time.

MLS arrival...

Thirty-five years of Timbers history descended into the supporters section as not a man or woman sat down for the entirety of the game. The anthems played and we were off. It was a scrappy beginning with the Timbers playing towards us and the Rapids away. Eventually Omar Cummings took the ball to the corner flag, walked a tightrope of defenders mistakes and played the ball off Adin Brown to the middle of the field. Jeff Larentowicz scored the first goal, and I waited to see the Timbers Army response.

There was one second of silence and the supporters raised their scarves to the sky singing “We always win 2 to 1″… After that there really was no silence and the party was on in our stands.

Standing, singing, and pouring their hearts out, the Timbers Army didn’t care what the score was. We were there and it isn’t important that an expansion team came out jittery in the first half against the defending champions. What was important is that there was an MLS team called the Portland Timbers, and that they were on the field playing their first meaningful game of the season.

The second half was much better, and when Kenny Cooper scored you could feel the explosion of happiness in the stands. Beer, scarves and hats flew into the air as the supporters section officially freaked out. Then finally the time counted down, the players walked off the pitch and the game was over.

But we stayed…

We stayed to sing, party, and dance in the supporters section even as the stadium was clearing out. Even as all the media types left, we stayed in the stadium to sing en masse and to let this moment of exuberance pour itself out.


Thanks to all the fans that made this wonderful weekend happen. I must say to the PID Army and Class VI, you did a wonderful job.

In the MLS we so often gripe about the management of the league, the playoffs or all the idiosyncratic things that management has put (or not put) in place. However, the true statement is that right now, this is a game for the fans. The MLS is in its infancy and right now is the time to be involved. Start a supporters group and tailgate with your friends at a game. Go on a road trip, see other cities and see how their fans interact with the team. The supporters will make this a better league, and will make this league something of which to be proud.

“When I root I root for the TIMBERS!””


11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Russ on 2011/03/21 at 9:02 PM

    Great write up. I sincerely hope Portland gets a prominent USMNT qualifier for this cycle. Dying to get out there and see a game.


    • Posted by Seybold on 2011/03/22 at 7:21 PM

      That would be a great call. I drove down from Seattle for the 1997 qualifier against Costa Rica. So loud that I had to put earplugs in the second I walked in the stadium–1/2 hour before the match.


  2. Posted by Pkinpdx on 2011/03/21 at 10:56 PM

    That, was a beautiful article. Made me feel like I made the trip…I cannot wait for our first home game! Rose City Til I Die!


  3. Posted by Joe on 2011/03/22 at 12:38 AM

    I am a Sounders fan till I die. However, I am so glad that there are so many more fans in the league now with the inclusion of Vancouver and Portland that share our exuberance, nay insane love for this game. This past weekend I made the trip up from VA Beach to NY to see my Sounders play. The fans couldn’t believe that me and my friends drove six hours to see a soccer game and were mystified that I would even think about doing it while on crutches with a broken leg. However it was disheartening to see a few things there. First was the loss (however Aguadelo looks like he is going to be a really great player) and second was the fan support for New York. The stadium was only 3/4 full for the home opener, and I couldn’t hear the NYRB supporters section at all. Come on NY you have one of the best teams in the league, One of the most decorated athletes in the sport, and you would rather watch a sub 500 basketball team? I hope to see better support from Philly and DC when I visit there, or at least some more trash talk. PORTSCUM SUCKS GO SOUNDERS!!!!


    • Posted by FutbolAmerica on 2011/03/22 at 2:27 PM

      Build a bonfire…
      Build a bonfire…
      Throw Seattle up on top.
      Throw Vancouver in the middle,
      and we’ll burn the bloody lot.


    • Posted by FutbolAmerica on 2011/03/22 at 2:30 PM

      I do agree with your sentiment regarding New York though. They have a beautiful stadium and a good team to support. Can’t wait until next month when the home games start in the Rose City and I’ve booked a trip to LA to support the Timbers at the HDC which should be very exciting.


  4. Posted by Alex on 2011/03/22 at 12:48 AM

    What a great piece. I can honestly, as much as I do not like certain teams, hearing that there are diehards out there like these make me happy, because a growing MLS is a good MLS.


  5. Posted by Joe on 2011/03/22 at 1:02 AM

    Are there any Philly fans who can help direct me as to where the pre-game party will be for my trip in April?


  6. It’s nice to see the camraderie between the opposing fans before the game. In league that’s so young and a sport that’s still carving out it’s own niche we do have to band together and take care of each other when there isn’t a game going on.


  7. Posted by Sean on 2011/03/22 at 8:10 AM

    Great article. Thanks to all who took part.


  8. Posted by Alfonso on 2011/03/22 at 7:19 PM



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