Imagery: Charlie Davies Comes Back

Guess who’s shooting USA vs. Argentina for TSG again. That’s right. Hansel Adams. He’s so hot right now.

Actually, it’s Matt Mathai.

And apologies…I just went through my inbox. Mathai with some gems of that special match last Saturday.

DC United’s Charlie Davies precious moments as he scored two goals in his first league game.

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  1. Moving stuff. That first picture is priceless.


  2. Wow, great stuff Matt!


  3. Posted by Crow on 2011/03/25 at 2:16 PM

    Zoolander reference! I love it! And even more than that I love the pictures! Matt is seemingly omnipresent capturing every major soccer moment in America. I look forward to seeing him tomorrow and even more so- his pics of tomorrow’s game sometime next week.

    By the way- what does Matt look like? I’d love to meet the guy.


  4. @Crow, be careful what you wish for… :)

    Here’s how you can recognize me: I’m from India originally, and I’m usually recognizable as ‘that cranky Indian guy on the end line’. I’ll probably be wearing dark blue rain gear tomorrow. Wave, or better yet, throw money!

    Hope to see you tomorrow (or on Tuesday if you’re going to Nashville to hang out with a small group of friends)


    • Posted by John on 2011/03/25 at 2:45 PM

      “I’ll probably be wearing dark blue rain gear tomorrow. Wave, or better yet, throw money!”

      Make it RAIN!!!


      • I’m hoping to wear the rain gear just to keep the wind out. Shooting in the rain when it’s below 40 is one of the most unpleasant things you can imagine.

        I’ve been planning, though. I have electric socks. Yes, you heard me. Electric socks.


        • Posted by John on 2011/03/25 at 2:52 PM

          Electric Socks sounds like TSG’s indie band name.


        • Posted by Crow on 2011/03/25 at 2:58 PM

          Electric Socks rocked SWSX this week! They were a big fan and media favorite as they have an infant drummer!


        • Posted by John on 2011/03/25 at 2:59 PM

          I heard that Electric Socks just couldn’t get a toehold with the record execs though….


    • Posted by dth on 2011/03/25 at 2:46 PM

      Blue rain gear–didn’t you get the #redallover message?

      (looking forward to the pics, of course!)


      • :)

        I’m supposed to blend in with the background and be completely neutral. That doesn’t mean I won’t be wearing a USA jersey underneath.


    • Posted by Crow on 2011/03/25 at 2:55 PM

      Awesome- I’ll be sure to wave. I just want to meet the guy who got those awesome photos at the “dark as a tomb” PPL Park. That was epic photography considering the circumstances. I’ll be in the front row of the AO section trying to get my Deuce banner as much exposure as possible. LOL.

      I am kinda bummed though- Meadowlands doesn’t allow you to bring in camcorders like some of the other stadiums I’ve been at- Crew Stadium, PPL Park, RFK, etc. I was hoping to get some of the players on camcorder up close for my video I’m making for the TSG Gold Cup contest. Oh well. I’ll at least have my entry level SLR to get some photos (if I actually remember to take some this time! Usually I’m too engrossed in the game and forget!).


      • I’ll see if I can wander by the AO section at halftime.

        Re: video, down the road you might consider renting a DSLR that also does video. Renting equipment is surprisingly cheap.


        • Posted by matthewsf on 2011/03/25 at 3:00 PM

          This is a TSG corporate note to say that video comment that Matt Mathai just made was in jest. TSG is no way condones videotaping games from the stands.

          Oh, and John you’re cracking me up today. Heard Electric Socks do a block of Franklin’s Tower-into-Kokomo-into-Amazing Grace on Saturday. Earth shattering.


        • Yes, of course. Nobody in their right mind would advocate videotaping games from the stands. When I said ‘down the road’ I meant he could videotape his drive to the stadium.

          I’m so inarticulate sometimes.


        • Posted by Crow on 2011/03/25 at 3:06 PM

          Cool story- They let me take my Canon HD camcorder with external mic into RFK! LOL Granted its a prosumer camcorder but it even has a wide angle attachment. And it wasn’t like I snuck it in or anything. I have some CRAZY footage of the CD9 tribute… well what you can see before smoke envelops everything…. and of Bornstein’s goal.


        • Speaking of the CD9 tribute, I got Charlie to sign this print for me last week.


        • Posted by Crow on 2011/03/25 at 3:24 PM

          That is an awesome photo! That was just such an awesome spontaneous moment that would not have been as epic if the current “Respect” Campaign- no smokebombs- by USSoccer would have been in effect.

          Anyway, do you have any other photos of that game publicly posted. I’d like to see them.

          By the way, I was just above that white banner and to the left of the guy with those red South African thunderstix. He was a really cool hispanic guy in his 50’s who was there with his grandson.


        • Here’s a link to the photos I took at USA-Costa Rica (the CD9 tribute match)


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