Jose Mourinho, Special in Net?

Some good work from Guardian reporter Sid Lowe and the Football Weekly podcast. As I walked to work today, I listened to their podcast (I also listen to Extra Time Radio, AM Soccer Show, World Football Daily for podcasts).

Anyway, Lowe was live and heading to a scrimmage at Real Madrid’s “Field Four.”

It was the media members versus the Real Madrid officials and Lowe joked that Jose Mourinho would likely be in attendance.

Low–no pun–and behold upon lacing up his cleats, Lowe confirmed that there was a Special One in goal. None other than Jose Mourinho manning the nets.

Here was Lowe’s tweet after the affair. And here’s some video.

sidlowe Sid Lowe 

For those asking: Mourinho was good in goal, made a couple of blinding saves. Also, playing up front, dreadful dive to try to win pen

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  1. Posted by Crow on 2011/03/29 at 6:05 AM

    This is great! I get such a kick out of Mourinho. I would love for him to be the National Team coach someday. Maybe I’ll have to write him an open letter saying why he should eventually take the job.


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