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Get Your Boots On: Sponsored By Concave

We’ve got a complicated trivia question for you today, but an easy reward.

First, The Reward:

TSG has been speaking for a few weeks with Concave, who are making a foray into America from the UK.

They are a new soccer “boot” (I’ve always called them “cleats” here in the states) outfit out of the UK with a little bit of tech to improve the sweet spot for making those crosses and free kicks–something you need if your name isn’t Ronaldo, Donovan, Messi or Modric and you’re now playing on rec league fields.

More importantly, the team there are really progressive, fun to work with & responsive.

Second, The Question:

Clint Dempsey will become the first Yank to play in a European final today, however another Yank has already won a European Cup–of the Champion’s League variety. Who was he, who did he play for, who did his team face in the Final and who was the leading scorer in that match?

Merely be the first person to comment below (don’t worry I’ll be watching those that get “moderated) with the right answer and…..Concave will mail you some cleats.

(Hint, if you’ve been following us on Twitter we gave you this answer a few weeks ago)


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