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TSG Does March Madness

The best players always wear "44" up at the Dome!

I got your bracket.
Right here.
Actually, you’re going to want to sign up for this one.

Group Name: The Shinny B-Ball

Password: jaydemerit

Winner: Surprise, guaranteed to make your friends’ envious (not kidding here).

Sign-up today and we’ll keep you updated on the sidebar.

Go. Go. Go!

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PSA: American Outlaws To Take Over Las Vegas

Editor’s note: You have to love a supporter group that dominates Twitter, stages rallies, issues press releases…and where the officers do it for free all in their spare time.

Press release….

I mean, these guys just say "Outlaws"

Alexi Lalas – 2004 World Cup superstar, Headlines the Rally which seeks to build momentum and educate more than 40 chapters and thousands of members/US Soccer fans from every state in the nation.

US Soccer has long been overshadowed by the professional leagues of other nations, while the concept of fan support and membership has been relegated to individuals rather than one uniting organization.  The American Outlaws, the largest US Soccer Supporter group in the nation, will take the first step in reversing this trend with their annual Rally to take place in Las Vegas March 4th – 5th, 2011.

“They seize the streets and bombard the bleachers on game day, making them the pre-eminent fan group for soccer by sheer desire,” says Clint! Runge, partner at Archrival.  While no one challenges American Outlaws’ dominance in the stadiums, the ability to do so comes as a direct result of the organizational processes, knowledge sharing, and chapter based systems that they have so aptly created and maintained since the inception of this unrivaled supporters group.  The 2011 Rally will focus on expansion and coordination of the organization itself to positively and genuinely impact the state of US Soccer affairs.

The American Outlaws started in Lincoln, NE as a local supporters group. Throwing viewing parties at local bars and attending every game possible sparked excitement amongst some of the leaders of the group, who felt like they could do more.

In attending these games, a lack of consistency was observed from game to game with regard to the level of supporter organization, particularly with events surrounding the game (i.e. tailgates, parties, etc.).  At that point, the group decided to make AO a nationwide, non-profit supporter group and declared their mission, “to support the United States National Team through a unified and dedicated group of supporters.”




If you would like more information, or to schedule an interview with Justin Brunken or Korey Donahoo (founders of The American Outlaws), please call Justin at (402) 601-9188 or email


Happy Holidays From The Shin Guardian

TSG will be publishing on an abbreviated scheduled through the end of the year as Little Miss Shinguardian visits family in NorCal and elsewhere.

Merry [insert holiday that you celebrate].

A moment to share our very favorite gift (besides the little one this morning). In the mail today arrived an picture-and-audio book from my dad.

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PSA: Don’t Mess With Free Beer

The Free Beer Movement in action....

The Free Beer Movement is all about “Spreading American Soccer One Beer at a Time” and because of the generous support of The Shin Guardian we’ve grown into a successful grassroots organization for helping build this great American game that we all love.

Because of our efforts and your help we’ve been recognized in the Movement’s hometown and nominated for one of the 2011 Austin-American Statesman Texas Social Media Awards.
We know how great the TSG community has been in supporting us in the past and reading our contributions to the publication and we hope that you’ll take the time to stop by our Texas Social Media Awards nomination page, vote for us, and leave a few kind words. It would go a long way to helping build the FBM’s legitimacy and strength as an organization here and across the nation.
Thank you all for your support.
P.S. And if we get enough of the TSG community’s comments on the nomination page we’ll finally buy Matt all those beers we’ve been promising him.

Thanksgiving Request: It Ain’t Turkey

If you missed our Thanksgiving piece last year, it’s right here.

This year–wanted to do something different.

Send us a video on YouTube (preferable) or picture of your son, daughter, best friend making a play in soccer. Right two lines after it that are descriptive or thankful. Humorous responses are encouraged.

It should look like this.

[Alibaster’s video]

Line 1: To Petey from Alibaster (Syracuse, NY)

Line 2: Lead with “I’m thankful” for example. “I’m thankful that ball didn’t break your nose….” “I’m thankful you picked up soccer.” Or just “Thanks for being you.”

We’re going to bundle up all the entries and use them for our Turkey Day piece.


*Send us an email at “,” subject: “Turkey Day piece” — Be sure to include the link to the video if on YouTube (we can only publish YouTube vid clips here fyi)

Entries will be accepted until November 21st.

Join The TSG Grid

The Grid

Check it out.

On the nav bar up top on the left you’ll see a new tab, “The Grid.”

On things I love either through Twitter or by way of the community commentary on TSG is being introduced to new content, especially local content–whether on a specific team or just a certain area.

Too often I miss the content or I don’t know where to look for it.

So today, help us help people find your local socer site.

Take a look at and submit your site for The Grid.

It’s pretty simple:

Let us know:

What area you’re from? Ex. “SF Bay Area”

What’s the name of your publication? Ex. “Center Line Soccer.”

How often do you update your site? Ex. “Daily”

And what’s your subject matter? Ex. “Local Bay Area Soccer, Earthquakes”

Hopefully this takes off and we all can find niche, micro, local, customized…whatever you want to call it…content around the U.S. and beyond.

Just send us an email at “shing*” with the subject “Grid Candidate”


Our New Copyeditor (One Word?) Has Street Cred

Yes, yes….yes!

We’re getting the part-time help of a good-as-gold copy editor over here.

Her name is Allison Pasciuto and she’s already kind of a big deal having hopped down to the MLS All-Star game, taken the pictures below and jet-setted at the after party with Bob Bradley’s “favorite” Big Red.


Not every fan was pining to see the Red Devils...

Giggs & Macheda about to do damage...

Lando...getting down?

Allison on the right; ESPN's "expert" commentary man in the middle...


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