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And Now A Word From….Ourselves

A brief message from corporate here.

Yup, we're "corporate"...big time!

TSG is very pleased to bring you a few announcements today:

• Please welcome Matt Mathai and Brian Mechanick who will be adding their talents to TSG over the next week.

You’ve seen both of their work before on TSG….and frankly if they got together and created their own publication, TSG proper would have as many readers as….as….the Rocky Mountain News? Ouch.

Your man on the scene...

» Brian will help us cover the USMNT the next few weeks. You know him from such features as “2006 vs. 2010” and the immensely popular “Choosing Your USMNT Jersey Is No Trivial Matter.

Brian is from Philadelphia, played fullback and FIFA growing up and is a fan of Tottenham Hotspur, the Union and of course “C’mon You Yanks!”

He’s also interested in locker boxing….I have no idea what that is.

» The TSG community bore witness to the incredible eye of Matt Mathai late last week.

Visionary, seriously, read on...

Matt issued a photo documentary on TSG and now this week he’ll be capturing lasting images of the tune-up series for TSG. Thanks Matt.

Matt was born in Malaysia and lived in India until I was 13 then moved to the District of Columbia.

He has degrees in Economics, Computer Science, and Engineering Management (gosh his parents must be proud), but he employs none of them in his day job. (Huh?)

Matt attended his first US Soccer match in 1991 (USA-Ireland at RFK.) and was a pretty early member of Sam’s Army (ca. 1995).

Matt also founded the Screaming Eagles, DC United’s first supporters club. Wow.

Matt’s watched, played, coached, refereed, and now, photographed soccer at various levels for many years.

Awesome….we’re happy to have both of you!

Stunningly handsome, amazingly objective, guaranteed to go blind...

• Meet the web’s Martin Tyler. One man, 32 teams, no sleep.

Well, you know him already. Our live commentary man Shaun Webb. I’ve known Shaun for almost ten years now and a nicer and more genuine guy you won’t find. But…that’s not what I am here to announce today!

Shaun is going to attempt the unthinkable, seemingly the unattainable!

Shaun is going to attempt to offer live commentary on (nearly) EVERY SINGLE WORLD CUP GAME!

Yes, folks, for once I typed something without error.

For West Coast residents that means getting up at 4:00-4:30 every morning.

I’ve decided that the TSG community–if they so desire–should start sending or at least start thinking of sending Shaun some “care packages.”

You know, a cacophony of Red Bull, Skittles, grilled cheese sandwiches (I think Shaun likes these), pajamas, coffee, donuts and advil.

I’ll make Shaun’s address available shortly.

The Don’t Tread Contest IS ABOUT TO GO….DOWN!

That’s right…stay tuned. We’ll need your vote and support…and along the way the USMNT is going to pick up some pre-USMNT fans. That’s right.

One last thing…

….TSG will be helping community member Antonio with his high school project….seriously.

TSG Corporate: Need Your Support, Not Money

Hey re-running this little piece here with a few updates….and a big thank you to all that helped last time.

I’ve decided to make it into a running checklist. First come the things we still need to do; then come the things we completed.

I’ve patterned it after the San Francisco Chronicle’s “ChronicleWatch” which calls out public works projects that need to be completed, who is responsible and how long the project has been on the list.

In this case, me….well I’m always the responsible one. That didn’t come out right. Anywho….



We’ve got three pieces coming up that need your input, they are:

Your favorite goal call:  We teased this piece in the comment section. Got a favorite announcer, a favorite goal call. Email us and let us know why and include a link to the video or audio.  Completed? Need lots of help (Weeks On List: 1)

Email Matthew, Subject: Favorite goal

Make a player famous post: I’m super excited for this feature and if you like it, I might make it permanent. Real simple. Send in a story *and a photo of your favorite non-famous soccer player. It could be your brother, a friend, a player at a rival college or high school or it could be someone you played with in the past.  Completed? Need lots of help (Weeks On List: 1)

Tell us in 100 words of so what makes them your favorite, or makes their soccer skill famous.

I’m excited because I know who TSG’s first entry is going to be here and the story I’m going to tell.

Email Matthew, Subject: Special player

For all requests/submissions below, please email

Help Needed

• Are you a web developer (Ruby predominantly) — want to build some cool valuable consumer tech with TSG — give us a holler

Date Needed: TBD



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Bloodied McBride, USA, Unbreakable…

Our 2nd or so shot at inhabiting T-Shirtville, USA here at The Shin Guardian: McBride, USA, Unbreakable….

Has anyone, perhaps ever, embodied the spirit of US Soccer resolve more than Brian McBride?

One of my favorite images of US Soccer is one that came during the regrettable campaign of 2006, a smash-and-bash job by Italian Daniele DeRossi as he and McBride contended for a header during the group stage. While the hit came on a rather innocuous play, the resulting image, of a bloodied Brian McBride was apropos for the fervor and style in which McBride plays the game.


In that vain, we give you “McBride, Unbreakable” a retro shirt conceived by The Shin Guardian and concepted and designed by Prairie Rose Clayton an ardent US soccer fan who most recently had some of her artwork hung on the wall in Charlie Davies’ house. Thank you Rose.


*Zazzle is being a homer. We’ve moved the design over to Shirt Magic for now. I’ve purchased one and think it’s great.

* If it doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll take care of it for you.

* Purchase here.

TSG Corporate: Flying Solo

One man still doing the English language...

As a few of you have asked, TSG has undergone a subtle change of increasing columns from our worst writer, me!

Actually, my brother Mark is no longer working on the publication as life and work have taken hold of his promising journalism career. He may still do columns from time to time. Mark made some great contributions to TSG including the Supporter Series, his Soccertown, USA series and, of course, “JOLAZO!”

What does the single cockpit mean?

We will be soliciting writers to augment the publication here and vary the point of view. Just email Matthew At theshinguardiandotcom (“.com”).

I will be slightly reducing my columns to improve quality and depth.

Carry on…and now back to our regular scheduled programming.


Questioning Nike Soccer….

Thank you to all who helped contribute to our questions for Nike Soccer.

Baby EJ: Member of Nike's Project-40

Here are the questions that TSG and you submitted to Nike:

TSG Proper:

1) What role does Nike Soccer feel they inhabit–both in their eyes and in the eyes of the American sports fan–in growing and developing the sport in mainstream America? Do they feel they have a “critical” or “non-critical” role? Qualify.

1b) What is Nike’s position on it’s past involvement in Project-40? Will it consider such program support again for similar programs?

2) Where does “soccer” sit as an initiative in the Nike pecking order? Below basketball obviously, but above swimming? curling? How does Nike evaluate their effort level (products, advertising, events, etc.) around a sport? Merely on market size and a financial model or are there other considerations?

3) While we spoke about Nike’s typical advertising efforts–one of our favorite articles on the future of advertising invokes Nike–one notion that TSG maintains is that branded advertisers are needed to support soccer broadcasts in the United States that haven’t necessarily reached the critical broadcast ratings levels necessary to appeal to those advertisers yet. Putting the chicken before the egg so to speak. Would Nike play a role in this or do they already?
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Swoosh: Just Ask It…Need Your Thoughts…

Hey TSG community.

Better than Gatorade?

We need your help…so that we can provide some excellent content for you, content that you actually want.

TSG was speaking with good folks just east of Cannon Beach, Oregon (or “Goonies” beach if you prefer)….that would be Nike.

No, no, no…we’re not going to get a special addition shinguard made for Stu….at least not just yet. Wait..that’s a good idea.

We were discussing kits, equipment and World Cup plans, but we halted our discussion on compelling angles for columns because we wanted to reach out to you.

What do you want to know about Nike and soccer, specifically World Cup-wise?

Want to know about production on the new jerseys? Want to know about how the new cleats stack up on South African pitches?

Let us know. You can throw some humorous questions in the commentary below, but do try and offer some original or heady ones.

Also, send this story around…..let’s get as broad a reach as possible.

….we can confirm that Wayne Rooney’s insoles will not be made with glass…actually I didn’t ask them that one.

The Big Pat On The Back To…..You

Well done TSG Community.....(photo courtesy: Matt Mathai)

A rousing and heartfelt thank you to our community and audience. The Shin Guardian officially turned 6 months old over the weekend. Once again, here was our very first piece.

We’re celebrating our 6-month this week by being down at US Soccer January Player’s Camp at the Home Depot Center. If I suggested that we would even be celebrating a 6-month, let alone celebrating by interviewing Dax McCarty when we started…well lying wouldn’t be too strong a word.

It is a tribute to our community and your continued galvanizing commentary that not only have we sprouted so fast, but we’ve maintained the quality of commentary on our site–at least in the comments section.

So bear with us as we offer a few thank you’s:

• To Dan, Nick and the entire Free Beer Movement contingent, thanks for taking an early interest to our publication and always lending a valuable piece of data, commentary or suggestion. Thank you.

• To Neil, Michael, and everyone at the United States Soccer Federation, for working with us and bearing with us as we harangued and barraged you with questions….and always responding to those in a timely manner. A shout out to Sunil Gulati himself for being quick with replies to our inquiries as well.

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