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Selected Images: USA Vs. Ecuador

More from super photog Matt Mathai.

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Selected Images: USA Vs. Honduras

Matt Mathai is a our resident photographer. NUF SAID!

His story and affiliation with US Soccer and MLS is deep; you can check it out here.

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Hamburg versus Fulham – Deuce enters

Can Deuce's entrance in the 52nd minute break the deadlock in the first leg of the Europa Cup semi

TWEET TWEET TWEET – Game over. Well Deuce and a string of fine Schwarzer saves were really the only thing worth noting. That said, the return at raven cottage should be fun!

91:00 – Duff scampers down the right wing and is brought down by Trochowski who gets a yellow card for his efforts. The free kick though goes straight at the keeper.

86:00 – Game has gone back to being sleep inducing but Deuce’s involvement has shown positive signs. He’s running hard, making good and creative passes and looks dangerous. I imagine he will be in the starting 11 this sunday against Everton at Goodison.

77:00 – Dempsey is supposed to be  playing the out and out striker role but differs to the number 9 role instead as he sends Konchesky down the wing with a nice pass. Konchesky does well to send in a cross but no men in blue are there to meet it.

70:00 – Hamburg are dominating this dull affair but are not really troubling the Fulham defense. As I write this Schwarzer has to make two fine saves, first off a tight angled shot from Pitropia and then of a long range shot by Trochowski. All Hamburg here.

64:00 – Dempsey is certainly making a positive contribution since his introduction as he storms into the penalty area and passes to Gera who is tackled hard. Possible penalty? The ref correctly waves play on.

60:00 – Dempsey gets passed the ball, breaks into the Hamburg half and lays off to Gera who continues down the wing and attempts to send the return cross back to Dempsey. Only a fine piece of defending stops the American from getting the ball. Nice counter there by Fulham.

55:00 – Dempsey makes his presence known as Boateng challenges Deuce pretty hard in his own penalty box but no penalty is given. Replays suggest that the ref got that wrong.

Well it’s minute 52 and Clint Dempsey comes on for Bobby Zamora. This game has been pretty boring so far as has the other Europa Cup semi between Atletico Madrid and Liverpool, in which the Spanish home side are leading through an early Forlan goal.

Meanwhile in Hamburg the game is scoreless.

Saturday Soccer: “The” Battle & More

Buchupureo, Cl.

First, best to all of TSG’s friends in Chile as a horrific earthquake took place this morning. A tsunami is feared as well.

• John Terry and Wayne Bridge about to shakedown their untenable distraction this morning as Chelsea battle Manchester City on ESPN2….TSG will be following along. Never let a woman come between….

Update: Wayne Bridge drops his hand below John Terry’s and refuses to shake hands.

• Looking for a place in the 18 for Stu Holden and a Hahnemann start as The Reebok plays host to a relegation-saving clash between Bolton and Wolverhampton.

Looking forward to Wednesday, JDM...

• Jay DeMerit…who we’ve been chatting about with the Watford faithful here (along with a remark on Tony Meola)…welcome Santiago Muñez and Newcastle to Vicarage Road Stadium.

• Sheffield United are looking at Plymouth Argyle and Kenny Cooper off the bench this morning.

• Bo’ Munchen and Sweatpants Jr. take on SC Freiburg and cagey Cameroonian striker Mohamadou Idrissou.

More coming….

Hull City versus Chelsea

It's been awhile since we've seen Dozy do this...will today be the day he scores?

PEEP PEEP TWEEEEEET. Game over, Hull 1 – Chelsea 1. Terry 2 – Altidore 2, though in the battle for whose a  better human, Altidore wins by a mile. Then again, Terry’s a dick.

Altidore played a great game as did the rest of the Hull City players. He worked hard and hurried the Chelsea back 4. He brought the ball down well, was a presence in the air and took on players with only his ball control failing him. If he could shore up his touches, he would have many more opportunities at scoring his first premiership goal.

92:00 – Joe Cole scampers down the wing and sends in a cross that Malouda, whose had a very quite game, volleys straight into Drogba’s back. That was goal bound.

90:00 – Zayatte comes on for the injured McShane. Can Hull City hang on. As i write this, Sturridge comes down with a ball and sends in a stinging volley that Myhill has to stretch to put around the post. Great shot, great save by Myhill.

89:00 – Drogba receives a yellow card for a swing/hard challenge on McShane who will probably have a nasty shiner to boast tomorrow.

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Running Game Commentary: Hull versus Fulham

Best shirt ever?

Best shirt ever?

Disappointing game all around but Fulham get the three points. Dempsey after a good start was quite but played decently. Altidore brought in a sub was well marked but made good use of the limited supply he got. Hopefully he will get a start soon. See you all soon.

94: Hull with a free kick…last action of the game no doubt

89: Altidore is being well marked by the giant Fulham defender Hangeland. He is setup though and uses his power to charge at the Fulham goal and sends a shot which is saved just over the bar.  Nothing comes of off the corner but a nice display of what Altidore can do. The commentators seem to be fans as well.

84: More subs for both teams…sadly JVofH is off. Game is dwindling. Jozy you need to take contro lof the very little forward progress that Hull is making as you need to cement yourself as a starter. The experience you will get will be of IMMENSE help to USMNT and yourself this coming summer.

80: Dempsey with a free header off a corner…Nice try but should have done better….Wow apparently Dempsey hasn’t scored in last 14 premiership games…wonder how many he has been responsible for?

77: Cross sent into the box for Altidore but it was poor. Altidore does well to give Schwarzer some problems but Fulham clear easily.

75: Hill City with a freekick about 10 yards outside the box…Taken by Bullard and its straight into the wall. Ball eventually gets to Altidore who gets dispossessed. Fulhma attack with Dempsey but Zamora sends an easy shot well wide.

72: Fulham is attacking at will and it ends with a weak scuffed shot by Dempsey directly in the hands of Myhill. Altidore and JVofH need some service cause they ain;t getting anything right now.

69: SUB YES…Altidore in for Hunt. C’mon Jozy…lets see what you can do.

68: YES…DOUBLE DIGITS on the comments!

65: Dempsey is apparently playing just behind the strikers and almost makes it 3-0 but his shot is inches wide. Game is sringing to life but only from a Fulham perspective. Hull are hopeless and that is spearheaded by their manager.

64: GOAL 2-0 Fullham. Breakdown in Hull’s offside trap and Zamora threads a cross to Kamara who taps it in.

61: Hull really need to inject some pace or maybe even a bit of life into their attacking game…no one more perfect than Jozy…COME ON PHIL BROWN!

60: SUB...Danny Murphy off, Jonathan Greening on…Murphy has picked up a knock and limps off.

56: Looks like Jimmy Bullard might be coming on soon for Fulham. Hull playing better now and putting more pressure on the Fulham goal with two successive corners…a third coming up

53: Lamentably the second half is not much different than the first. My sandwich though is amazing!

48: Would could really help this game out and Hull especially is the introduction of Jozy…

SECOND HALF is under way. Hopefully both managers will stress attacking football to their players

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Barcelona versus Dynamo Kyiv – Group F Champs League

Please can i take this free kick...Not today..fine...what about saturday?

Please can i take this free kick...Not today..fine...what about saturday?

PEEP PEEP: Well all told a comfortable Barca win. They will have no problem getting to the knock out stage. Same cannot be said for Liverpool who played better in the second half but still lost 2-0. I still maintain a knockout cup would be better. Till the next time. Enjoy

90 minutes plus 3: Kyiv seem to have found a second gear. A little too late i think

88: Number 10 for Kyiv latches on to a back header pass by a Barca defender and sends his lob over the net. Gets a knee to the sensitive male area for his troubles. They immediately spray something on it and he feels better. Must get that spray.

85: Zlatan trying everything at this point including a dramatic overhead tumble/kick which does nothing. He is being substituted for Jeffren. He had a good game and always looked dangerous and setup Pedrito beautifully for the second goal BUT still hasn’t shook off the curse of midweek goal droughts.

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