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Round of 16 – Chile versus Brazil

Suazo...can he silence Brazil?

PEEEEEEEP PEEEEEP PEEP. Brazil are comfortable 3-0 winners. Chile’s dream is over (as are all my dark horses). Next up for the Selecao…the freaky deaky Dutch

92:00 – Bastos goes on a lovely mazy run but his shot is poor. Brazil are now in 4th gear as they’re on their way to meet the Dutch!

88:00 – Credit to Chile who are still trying 3 goals down!

76:00 – Robinho goes close to adding a second but Bravo dives low and saves well.

66:00 – Chile keep pressing. If any team can score three in 25 minutes its this team. Problem is they are leaving themselves susceptible to the counter.

60:00 – GOOOOOOOAAAAAL. Robinho. And pounce they do. All Ramires has he gets the ball at the half way line and runs at the Chilean defense. He goes through two or three and lays off to Robinho who curls it in. Lovely bit of finishing. Brazil 3 – Chile 0

57:00 – Nothing too much going on. Brazil closing down the gates and waiting to pounce.

Second half under way

PEEEEEEEP PEEEEP PEEP. Halftime. Chile held out for 30 minutes but Brazil changed gears and were rampant for the rest of the half. Can Chile regroup?

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Round of 16 – Argentina versus Mexico

Higuain - Can he increase his goal tally? or were his goals just a fluke?

PEEEEEP PEEEP PEEP – Argentina look very good (minus the horrendous theatrics) and book a place in the quarters against Germany.

92:00 – Messi is just a pleasure to watch as the ball is glued to his feet. He moves across the box and sends a great shot that Perez does well to save.

89:00 – Time running out for Mexico.

80:00 – Mexico are looking dangerous as Heinze makes a great defensive header to steer it away from goal. Mexico will feel hard done by the poor refereeing in the first half.

73:00 – Sorry had to take people to the airport but have heard there have been great goals.

45:00 – After the controversial goal, Mexico’s verve has been greatly reduced and they lack the bite from earlier on in the game.

43:00 – Higuain gets a chance to make it 3-0 but his header goes wide. That was beautifully sent in from out wide. It just occurred to me that Higuain is this generations Pippo Inzaghi. Higuain doesn’t dive or play act but his strength is getting in at the right positions for easy taps ins and goals and making very intelligent runs…but his skills are not as good as his peers around him.

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Round of 16 – England versus Germany

Has never scored a World Cup goal. Will today be his first?

PEEEEEEEP PEEEEEP PEEP. Well England are sent home in emphatic style by Germany. England were never in this world cup. Best they go home.

2 minutes of added time

89:00 – Lampard tries a shot from far out that Neuer saves. Going through the motions here as England just want to get on the plane. They played well for about 20 minutes but their patchwork aged defense was finally called out against some beautiful, quality, slick, attacking from Germany.

87:00 – SWP on for Johnson. Well that shows the lack of depth in this England squad. I’m pretty sure after Joe Cole, that Crouch should have been introduced.

81:00 – Gerrard has a nice run and shot but it is very well saved by Neuer and goes out for a corner.

71:00 -Heskey on Dafoe. Not very inspiring that. England’s defense, good in the group games is obviously not up to defending against quality opponents.

70:00 – GOOOOAAAL – Terrible defending by England as their slow defense gets ripped part and Moller sends his second into the back of the net. Germany 4 – England 1

67:00 – GOOOOOAAAL. Muller with a classic counter goal as off a terrible Lampard free kick that hits the wall and its a 3 on 2 that Muller slams home. Germany 3 – England 1

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Round of 16 – Uruguay versus South Korea

Ji-Sung Park and his teammates can run all day. Will they score a last minute goal?

PEEEEEEEEP PEEEEEP PEEEP. Game over. Uruguay leave winners but South Korea played admirably. They had their chances but Uruguay’s two real attempts at goal were all they needed to progress to the quarters. Ghana or USA await.

3 minutes of stoppage time.

87:00 – Korea have a great chance through Lee Dong-Gook and his scuffled shot slips through Muslera’s legs and trickles toward goal, but in the end Lugano has all the time to clear.

86:00 – Uruguay resorting back to defensive mindset. Amazing how a team can switch back and forth so effortlessly as a unit.

80:00 – GOOOOOOOOOAAAAL. Suarez with an excellent shot from the edge of the penalty box as he curls it over the defenders and off the post and in. South Korea 1 – Uruguay 2

75:00 – Well to answer my question from a couple of minutes ago…quite easily as Uruguay shift into attacking mode with some slick one time passing and intelligent runs. Unfortunately for the South Americans, their finishing touch is left wanting.

74:00 – Suarez misses an easy header as he is found all by himself at the back post but his header is very poor.

71:00 – South Korea really going for it as they attack down the right and waltz into the penalty area, but shot is softish and straight at the keeper.

70:00 – Question is how quickly can Uruguay switch from their complete defensive mentality to one that requires some real attacking intent.

68:00 – GOOOOOOOAAAAAAL. Lee Chung Yung gets a headed goal. From a free kick, the ball ricochets up in th eair and falls to the Korea striker who nods it in the goal. South Korea 1 – Uruguay 1.

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Group H – Round 3 games – Spain versus Chile, Switzerland versus Honduras

"...and currently can’t hit a cow’s ass with a banjo.". Thanks Kickette!

Well Chile will meet Brazil and Spain will meet Portugal. What a mouth watering round of 16!

2 minutes of added time in the Spain/Chile game

90:00 – Fabregas with a swing and miss, though if asked later I bet he says he was leaving it for someone else.

4 minutes of additional time in the Swiss game.

86:00 – Derdiyok gets another easy opportunity but his ball control fails him. That should have been 1-0. If the young striker had converted all his easy chances (3 so far), Switzerland would have won the group!

76:00 – Crunch time for Switzerland as they need to win by 2 goals if they want to advance to the next round.

69:00 – Spectacular save by Benaglio to keep Switzerland’s hopes alive as he saves on a one on one situation by diving and punching clear.

65:00 – Sanchez who has been largely anonymous in this game is off and Orellana is on.

55:00 – Torres off, Fabregas on. His first touch is sublime and almost sets up Villa for his fourth goal of the tournament but it’s nicely cut out by a Chilean defender.

50:00 – Honduras counter well and just miss an opportunity to go ahead but their striker could not connect on the cross.

47:00 – GOOOOOOOAAAAALLL. MILLAR with a peach of a goal. Actually on replay it took a big deflection that confused Casillas but a goal is a goal and Chile are back in it. Chile 1Spain 2

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Group G round 3 – Brazil versus Portugal, North Korea versus Ivory Coast

They will need a goal or 3 from Gervinho if the Ivorians are to go through

PEEEEEEP PEEEEEP PEEP. Brazil top the group and Portugal runners up.

PEEEEEEP PEEEEEP PEEP. Ivory Coast are three goal winners but it is not nearly enough.

Both games with 5 minutes of extra time but the writing is on the wall. Ivory Coast being punished for their cautious approach i the first game and will be going home early.

92:00 – Cat like reflexes from Eduardo as he saves from a Ramires shot.

88:00 – Lucio with a free header but its straight at the Portuguese keeper.

85:00 – Another ball goes in the back of the Korean net but once again its offside. Sven shows some emotion on the bench by making a fist and waving his arm.

81:00 – GOOOOOOAAAALLL. Kalou. Too little too late. Ivory Coast 3North Korea 0

78:00 – Portugal have had the majority of the chances this half but Brazil’s defense has been well organized and very solid as it reflects their managers mentality.

69:00 – Time running out for the elephants. North Korea defending well.

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Group E round 3 matches – Netherlands versus Cameroon, Denmark versus Japan

The Dutch are already thanks to this guy.

PEEEEEP. The Dutch are through as group leaders with 9 points. Japan will join them in a few minutes.

88:00 – GOOOOOAAAAL. JAPAN. A simple tap in from Okazaki after some industrious work by Honda. They’re through. Another great world cup story! Japan 3 Denmark 1

83:00 – GOOOOOOOAAAAL . Holland. Roben unleashes a beautiful shot but it bounces off the woodwork and straight into the path of Huntelaar and he slots it into the empty net. Holland 2Cameroon 1

81:00 GOOOOOOAAAAL. Tomasson takes and shoots and it is saved but he latches on to the rebound and slides it into the net. He is know the record goalscorer for Denmark. Denmark 1Japan 2

80:00 – PENALTY for Denmark. Agger goes down.

77:00 – Not all that much going on. Lost my feed to the Cameroon game

70:00 – Robben to make an appearance as he replaces van de vaart

64:00 – GOOOOOAAAAL. ETO’O buries he it. Netherlands 1Cameroon 1

63:00 – PENALTY against the Dutch. Off a Geremi free kick Van de Vaart handles it. Eto’o to take it

60:00 – Cameroon desperately seeing a goal to level it up and get some pride before they go home. The fact that they are trying so hard is inspiration enough for teams like France to take note off!

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