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Next Stop: All Whites & Hobbitville

Cruisin' the Zealand

A quick note to the TSG community, that yours truly will be–sniffle, sniffle–on sabbatical for a few weeks recharging the batteries and spending time with the significant other.

Come Thursday evening, I’ll be New Zealand bound with my lady and camper-vanning aroud the South Island  for two weeks taking in some sights, surfing, and…! Actually, we’re going to try and get to a soccer bar for the World Cup draw.

Our TSG production schedule will be just a tad lighter, but we’ve tee’d up some guest contributors and I have some columns that we just took out of the freezer and are thawing. Don’t worry, they’re still fresh.

Have a happy, healthy and filling Thanksgiving.


P.S. Watch out for a killer piece coming this evening by our first guest contributors followed up by a cool announcement from the TSG mothership tomorrow. It’s going to be a great end of the week.

US Soccer & The Written Word

It is fairly well known that the best analysis and discussion on soccer, and particularly the USMNT, isn’t coming from big sports websites like, Yahoo! Sports or even Fox Sports / Fox Soccer Channel. Rather, for in-depth conversation and unique angles, soccer fans take to the online publications, blogs and message boards.


It's more of a question than a statement...for now.

Matthew and I hope that TSG has been able to provide just that — interesting commentary and a forum for high quality discussion for USMNT fans and beyond.

We learned today, via the American Outlaws, that US Soccer actually has an award for Best Soccer Blog. Honestly, we didn’t even know it existed. While TSG has only been around for a five months we think we provide some of the most complete coverage of the USMNT.

We highly doubt we have a shot at winning (this year), but it’d be great for TSG and our readers if TSG got a little exposure by being a “finalist”…assuming that is a big deal. Either way, for an upstart publication such as ourselves getting some acknowledgment for our work by US Soccer would be pretty cool.

So if you like what we do, please head over to US and nominate The Shin Guardian for Best Soccer Blog. (Please note, you don’t need to log-in to nominate.) Also, if you are so inclined, please send the link around to your fellow fans and friends.

(And if you don’t like what we do or have ideas on how we can be better, please email us at shinguardian[at]gmail[dot]com.)

Over at you’ll also have the opportunity to submit nominees for Best Soccer Bar, Best Soccer Fan Photo (TSG nominated Matt Mathai’s photo from The 9th Minute Salute) and Best Soccer Specialty Store. The remainder of the 12 total “Best of” awards will be announced on 11/23 along with the list of finalists for the four aforementioned awards.

Thanks so much for your support and being part of the TSG community.

And The Envelope Please…Adding To The HOF

Should TSG hand-out Blue Sweatpants to each inductee into the TSG Comment HOF?

TSG is pleased to announce the induction of the following reader comments into the TSG Comment Hall of Fame.

To the Jimmy Conrad Wing for funny and creative commentary go the following:

To the Bill Jeffrey Wing for astute technical commentary go the following:

The readers and commentors help make TSG what it is. Matthew and I say, “thank you” and keep those comments coming.

With each successive round of inductions in to the HOF, the bar is raised for future inductees. Specifically, funny comments will need to be of the laugh-out-loud variety (and creative missives and “conversations” will have to be exceptional to receive consideration). Technical analysis will have to be unique and thorough. And, importantly, all will have to be passionate.

Congratulations to the new inductees!

New Wing Added To TSG Comment Hall of Fame

Hal Block WingMatthew and I spent the better part of Sunday sequestered in a small windowless conference room somewhere in the Golden State pouring over hundreds of reader comments in the hopes of elevating some to the TSG Comment Hall of Fame.

Okay, it didn’t happen exactly like that, but we have selected a few comments for induction into all three wings of the HOF.

A new wing has been added to the HOF for “unique and exceptional comments.” Basically, this wing will house distinguished comments that neither fall into the Jimmy Conrad Wing for funny commentary or the Bill Jeffrey Wing for astute technical commentary.

This wing has been dubbed the Hal Block Wing after The Hal Block Soccer League in Ramapo, NY. This is the youth soccer league that Matthew and I played in while growing up.

The first inductee is Eric Wheatley of the Baltimore Brigade who posted a comment about bringing the #9 for the Ninth Minute Salute for Charlie Davies because “a couple thousand doing so would be epic.” Little did we know at the time that Eric’s idea and efforts at RFK coupled with TSG’s Ninth Minute Salute and promotion would lead to this.

New inductees into the Jimmy Conrad Wing and the Bill Jeffrey Wing are on tap for tomorrow.

Thank You to Our Readers

Good work

Good work

Just wanted to offer a big high five, song dedication, gold plaque, plastic trophy, pat on the back to our readers who contribute some great commentary that we at TSG enjoy reading.

Thanks, your comments are educated and never personal to other commenters and we appreciate that.

Thanks again.


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