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Origins: Don’t Tread On Me


I’ve never been all that enamored by the USMNT the Don’t Tread On Me slogan and rattlesnake graphic as it was launched by a Nike campaign and I believed it to be swiped from the US military. However, after reading up on its origins over at Founding Fathers I think it is a pretty apt rallying cry. Beyond the defiant nature of the slogan is the symbology of the snake which dates back before the American fight for independence.

According to Founding Fathers, “it was a plea for unity in defending the colonies during the French and Indian War. It played off a common superstition of the time: a snake that had been cut into pieces could come back to life if you  joined the section back together before sunset.” It originally appeared in a political cartoon by Ben Franklin (picture below). Such a symbol is a great fit for US Soccer. Much like the fledgling colonies, the upstart USMNT can only defend and conquer if it unites together.

Tomorrow, the eleven must play as one with the heart and determination displayed against Spain in the Confed Cup. By sunset we’ll know if the snake that was sliced and diced 17 days ago in the Meadowlands will have joined back together.

Enjoy the game, and visit us afterward for the (hopefully happy) recap.

Just in case you aren’t fired up yet…

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USA – Mexico Live Web Stream – Major Disclaimer

Might look like this?

Might look like this?

Here is your link for tomorrow’s live Web broadcast of the USA – Mexico game.

Huge caveat though (since I work in the tech industry), if you depending on this for your primary viewing outlet of the game, I would be careful.

My guess is that Terra will not be able to handle all the demand without packet loss, to you that will be buffering.

Wynalda: Just Plain Wrong….Please Go Away

Everyone is entitled to their opinion

And we’ve long known about Eric Wynalda’s doomsday sentiment towards the USMNT.

"Eric Wynalda"

"Eric Wynalda"

I happened to catch tonight’s Fox Soccer Fone-In show and it was “vintage” Wynalda. (I can’t believe this guy had the temperament to cap for the US and score as many goals as he did.)

(whining) “It’s 12,000 ft…the US is going to lose and they are going to lose big.”

(imploring) “Most of the players haven’t played in those conditions. You lose a whole day. You just want to go home.”

However, in this case one man’s opinion, no matter how decorated a former player he is, does not mean squat.

In stunning starkness to Wynalda’s comments, ESPN flew the following headline front and center on two full days before the showdown, “Wave of Confidence” with Tim Howard as the backdrop.

Just yesterday, countless blogs and rags raved about Donovan’s form after his, for lack-of-a-better phrase, ridiculously gnarly goal that was bent like it was shot by Neo in the Matrix.

However, all the headlines, inclusive of the ones here, cannot replace the commraderie amongst the team members that was blaring from Twitter today. Twitter has given us unprecedented access to the U.S. team, access to the 1st degree sentiments of the team members themselves.

It is times like these that I am proud to idolize Brian Ching

It's times like these that I am proud to know Brian Ching

So while Wynalda, a former standout who was just as immature a player as he is a broadcaster, hopefully fades quickly into the background of American soccer, here’s a peak at what the players were thinking heading into their two days of  training in advance of the big game, courtesy of Twitter:

CharlieDavies9 “Landon isn’t on twitter yet, but maybe with a lil persuasion from Chuck D lol. We ready for Azteca tho!”

JozyAltidore17 “Getting sleepy, jetlag is getin to me. Good to see all the guys.”

brianching “Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. Excited about the next game.”

and again, this time, an extremely profuse Charlie Davies:

CharlieDavies9 I am soooooo happy @stuholden22 and @brianching are here, they are the bestest!!! I love them sooooooo much wowwwwww!!! MY IDOLS!!!!!!!

Uh, Davies quickly followed that up with this:

CharlieDavies9 Ok as you probably already knew, Stuie got onto my Twitter Account. My roommate @stuholden22 is wild haha.

Sound like a team that is dreading a confrontation and taking a woe is me attitude. I didn’t think so.

Sparing the nationalism, Wynalda, get the story right or just go away.

Oh and Eric, Twitter’s a web site.

In fact, Wynalda step up to our throw-in wall. It’s your turn to get a little bit of what Mexico is getting tomorrow.

Stop Hating on Conor Casey!

Get the foot out of my way!

Get the #@$foot out of my way!

Are you kidding me?

The USMNT roster for the game on the 12th gets announced and message boards and blogs are lit up everywhere with “Conor Casey this…,” “Conor Casey that…,” “Conor Casey can’t score against my grandpa…” etc. etc. etc.

TSG is here to scream, “Stop the madness!”


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Your Azteca 20!

After a long wait, Bob Bradley and US Soccer have announced the 20 USMNT players traveling to Mexico for the match on August 12th.

Goalkeepers: Tim Howard, Brad Guzan

Defenders: Carlos Bocanegra, Jay DeMerit, Oguchi Onyewu, Jonathan Spector,  Steve Cherundolo, Chad Marshall, Jonathan Bornstein

Midfielders: Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, Benny Feilhaber, Stuart Holden, Jose Francisco Torres

Forwards: Jozy Altidore, Charlie Davies, Brian Ching,  Conor Casey

(Matthew missed two from his preview. He had Pearce over Marshall and Beckerman over Torres. I hope that having Marshall on the squad means Boca gets sent out wide.)

Now, let’s ratchet up the excitement…

USA-Mexico Preview: Attack at the Azteca


Is it in the cards?

Is it in the cards?

We’ll spare most of the buildup to the game. It’s been hashed and rehashed over blogs, emails, television, radio, locker rooms, outhouses, penthouses, henhouses, etc. etc. for awhile.

It’s the USA away, Mexico home…and the game is a fulcrum point one year away from the (Project 2010) World Cup.

Are the U.S. for real after their revelation against Spain or are they Even Steven, showing bouts of ineptitude vs. flashes of brilliance?

Let’s get right to the tale of the tape then. Let’s get it on!

As usual, we’ll follow the TSG format:

TSG “What We’re Looking For”

11 at the Whistle


Ding, ding ding.

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It’s coming! The US-Mex preview: Your thoughts?

Battleground: Mexico

Battleground: Mexico

Nearly 1.5 miles above sea level.

Over 100,000 chanting fans clad in green.

Smog so thick it makes Los Angeles look like Montana.

A recent scare of epidemic proportions.

You think the U.S. only has to worry about the play on the field?

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