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Group C Match 2 – Slovenia versus Algeria

Chaouchi let in a very soft goal. Maybe he shouldn't be sitting on top of the bar.

Well that was the poorest display of talent and skill by any of the teams so far in the world cup. England and the US should have nothing to fear but that said they cannot take anything for granted as neither team covered themselves in too much glory last night. Slovenia top the group though with 3 points.


92:00 – Decent chance for Algeria as nervy keeping  from Slovenia from a set piece creates confusion but they clear. New substitute Komac gets what looks like a green card (maybe it’s the sun) for a cynical foul.

89:00 – Robert Koren has a tongue piercing? or was that a HUGE gob of spit. Sometimes 50′ HD is not great.

88:00 – Radosavaljevic off and he gets a kiss from his coach for his efforts. That’s nice. Komac comes on.

86:00 – No Harkes, Zidane does not want to be on the field. That is why he retired!

84:00 – Birsa off, Pecnik on.

79:00 – GOOOOOOOOOAL KOREN. That was kind of out of nowhere as he gathers the ball and sends a softish shot into the corner and Chaouchi dives comically and it bounces off him into the back of the net. To be fair that was an odd bounce and he had to dive for it but the keeper should have done a lot better. Slovenia 1 – Algeria 0

77:00 – That was exciting. Algeria break through as Handanovic gathers a back pass and passes to Suler who watches it with the casual interest of a house cat and Ziani pounces but his touch is poor and Handanovic rushes and grabs it at the midfielders feet. Close one that and highly entertaining.

76:00 – What can Slovenia do with the extra man advantage? For now it looks like they are content with letting Algeria press on.

73:00 – Ghezzal sent off! He purposefully hand balls the ball in an effort to control it and has to get a yellow for that and it’s his second so he earns the red. Both of his cards were stupid.

71:00 – Ghezzal is making some good runs and getting into some dangerous positions. Do all the Algerians have the same barber?

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Out of Africa

African football teams are becoming more and more of a force to contend with.

African teams have become regulars at the World Cup for the past 4 decades. As the game of football has become increasingly global, the top clubs in the world have been sending their scouts to all corners of Africa in an effort to find the next Weah, Essien, Drogba or Eto’o.

African born players have for a long time been very successful in the top leagues as individuals. George Weah, Abedi Pele, and Rabah Madjer have lead their teams to many a championship or cup finals.

Unfortunately when it came to playing for their national team, their teammates were just not good enough or there weren’t enough qualification spots allotted to African teams in order for these world class players to showcase their talents on an international stage. I believe one of  the greatest tragedies in World Cup football, was that Weah never played at the highest international level. The Liberian forward was poetry in motion. A strong player, blessed with wonderful ball skills, he graced the pitch wherever he played. He won European and World football player of the year in 1995 at Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan and won Serie A titles with the Rosseneri. He finally retired in 2003 a decorated club player but never could achieve any international glory.

It’s because of players like Weah, Pele etc… that the road was paved for African players to play top flight football. As European clubs signed more and more promising African players; their respective countries could now boast multiple accomplished players playing for their nation. However, it wasn’t until the 2006 World Cup that African countries were considered a legitimate threat to the traditional South American and European powerhouses.

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