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Sunday Soccer Jones? Dial Up Sampdoria…

Cassano: Already waving goodbye to South Africa....

Update: Sampdoria fell to Napoli, 1-0….no dazzlement from Cassano unfortunately.

With England is the midst of a winter wonderland and no EPL games to quench your Sunday viewing, fire up your and check out Italian striker Antonio Cassano.

Cassano is a flat out technician in his striker role for Sampdoria and just a real pleasure to watch. Along with Diego, he’s probably the only player who I stay transfixed on when watching a Serie A game…..E’to’s dazzling days are done.

Another reason to check out Cassano? It appears, somewhat incredulously, that you won’t be able to check him out in South Africa come this summer.
While calls for Italian Marcelo Lippi to add Cassano have been met by the Italian boss with vague strategic rhetoric or allusions to Cassano fiery temper as reasons to pass him by, rumors are afloat it’s because Cassano once had fisticuffs with Lippi’s son.

Ah, the Italian national team, always interesting.

Sampdoria square off with Napoli at 9am EST on the 360.

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