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Rogers, Hedjuk and Crew to meet the First Fan

Obama goes up against Deco

Obama goes up against Deco

Fresh off the tie with Haiti and a perfect group stage, Columbus Crew U.S. natties Robbie Rogers and Chad Marshall (and Gold Cup absentee Frankie Haircut) head to Washington for an audience with the U.S. Senior Captain.

Quite a few weeks for the national identity of soccer and the Pres. As you’ll recall Obama emphatically said he was heading due south for the Cape of Good Hope and World Cup 2010 just a few weeks ago.

That is, if it’s still being held there.

Here’s our top 5 soccer-related items for Robbie and Hedjuk to, uh, broach with the Chief Striker:

– How are the vuvuzela lessons coming?

– What does the USMNT get in return for Obama’s little promise? A year off taxes….Air Force One to RSA in 2010?

– Can we suit up Dick Cheney in goal for a few more  Halliburton contracts and in return Rogers, Donovan, Dempsey, et all can pummel him with shots?

– How did it feel to nutmeg Bush? (oops…hey now)


– Can we have Guiseppe Rossi strip searched on each trip back to NJ?

Soccer in the White House…break some windows…


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