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Welcome, Blackpool

One of my–and Shaun’s–favorite things since starting this publication is meeting a wide variety of fans that comment on the site.

Many time, I learn more from our community than I do if I was listening or reading some of the most venerable columnists online or elsewhere.

Steve & Ade (rt.) Whitaker watching Blackpool earn their promotion in May

Due to some folks across the pond that liked and linked one of our pieces on the lack of merit to a potential Blackpool transfer for Michael “Junior” Bradley, I got to–virtually–meet Ade Whitaker on Monday who took the time to respond to our “Wading Through US Transfer Rumors” piece with an “Ode to Michael Bradley Transfer” comment.

Ade is –well, I’ll let him tell you about his fanaticism for the Tangerine….

I first went to watch matches, with my late father, Brian, in the mid 1960’s, when Blackpool were a top flight, First Division club, with attendances treble what we’re getting now.

Jimmy Armfield

Cap'n Armfield in action...

A certain Alan Ball, later to become a World Cup winner with England had just started his career with us at that time.  We also had England defender and ex captain, Jimmy Armfield, who although in the World Cup winning squad of ’66, was injured and missed out on the finals. (He WAS recently presented with a belated World Cup winning medal) meaning,Blackpool are now credited with having TWO World Cup winning players.  Chelsea FC, can’t match that.

Combining with meeting estimable and opinionated people, another thing I relish about soccer and commentary on it, is the first few weeks of the Premiership season when I am introduced to one of the new squads that has been promoted for the campaign.

In a sport and league where the focus on player aloofness are crescendoing with their rising salaries, I always welcome the newly promoted for what typically is a swashbuckling verve they bring to their matches accompanied with a wet-behind-the-ears conviction that “they belong.”

For this season and from my brief site and email dialogue with Mr. Whitaker, I’m more than excited to watch the Tangerine take the pitch for the first time in the upcoming campaign.

Our next entry in our “The Fan In You” Series: A conversation with a Blackpool faithful on the dizzying array of transfer rumors around Blackpool and what promotion means to the citizens of Blackpool.

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