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Game 4 Group E – Cameroon versus Denmark

He leads the line for Denmark and dates a Baroness! What deal with devil did Bendtner make?

PEEEEEEP – And sadly Cameroon are the first team to be eliminated. They did play well but Cameroon’s final ball left a lot to be desired. Denmark now need to beat Japan in the last game to progress through. The Dutch are ensure a place in the next round.

3 minutes of extra time

88:00 – The Cameroonian forwards certainly made the wrong choices when it came to cleats as they keep slipping at very important times.

85:00 – Wave upon wave of attacks by Cameroon are being well defended by Denmark, but Cameroons final ball lacks the precision to tie up this game.

82:00 – Probably the most open game of the tournament so far as its end to end action. Aboubaker has a rebounded effort deflected for a corner.

78:00 – Aboubaker on, Webo off for Cameroon.

77:00 – Emana charges into the box and shoots but Sorenson does very well to save diving to his left and palms it away with one hand.

72:00 – Bassong off and Idrissou on. An attacker for a defender. Cameroon going for it as they should.

71:00 – Denmark ever so close to make it 3-1 as Tomasson is clean through by Paulsen and Rommedahl, but the keeper does well to make himself big and parries it away.

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Out of Africa

African football teams are becoming more and more of a force to contend with.

African teams have become regulars at the World Cup for the past 4 decades. As the game of football has become increasingly global, the top clubs in the world have been sending their scouts to all corners of Africa in an effort to find the next Weah, Essien, Drogba or Eto’o.

African born players have for a long time been very successful in the top leagues as individuals. George Weah, Abedi Pele, and Rabah Madjer have lead their teams to many a championship or cup finals.

Unfortunately when it came to playing for their national team, their teammates were just not good enough or there weren’t enough qualification spots allotted to African teams in order for these world class players to showcase their talents on an international stage. I believe one of  the greatest tragedies in World Cup football, was that Weah never played at the highest international level. The Liberian forward was poetry in motion. A strong player, blessed with wonderful ball skills, he graced the pitch wherever he played. He won European and World football player of the year in 1995 at Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan and won Serie A titles with the Rosseneri. He finally retired in 2003 a decorated club player but never could achieve any international glory.

It’s because of players like Weah, Pele etc… that the road was paved for African players to play top flight football. As European clubs signed more and more promising African players; their respective countries could now boast multiple accomplished players playing for their nation. However, it wasn’t until the 2006 World Cup that African countries were considered a legitimate threat to the traditional South American and European powerhouses.

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