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Champs League – Round 2…..zzzzzzzz

A much more exciting format for a competition than the Champs League

A much more exciting format for a competition than the Champs League

The group phase of the Champions league tends to bore the tears out of most viewers. The primary phase of the competition has been diluted due to the inclusion of just about every team in Europe. Of course that is an exaggeration, but with the exception of a couple of matches most games tend to offer little or no excitement on paper. Obviously thats why they play the games, but even if FK Rubin Kazan were to beat Barcelona at home, the chances of them maintaining that form to qualify to the knockout stages is slim to none.

Now i grew up elsewhere (Europe) but i believe there is no finer competition/cup setup for excitement and drama than the college bball NCAA tourney. Yes the FA Cup, Copa del Rey etc… are great competitions with a similar win or you’re out format but it takes place over a very long time. March madness takes place over a month, pretty much the entire country gets involved, the players die for their teams and its just plain awesome. The best team or at the very least the team that can maintain a consistent form usually wins the whole thing. There are ALWAYS upsets.

With the current champs league format, where as you might not be able to predict each and every game, you can be fairly certain which teams will progress. Some teams pretty much win their group with 1 or 2 remaining games and then field out weaker teams so that their fringe/younger players get a run out. That’s great for them but do fans really want to see no names like Michael Owen when they paid to see Wayne Rooney etc…

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