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Chelsea Rolling…

Okay time to go surfing.

Lampard: Still getting comfortable

Lampard: Still getting comfortable

Burnley has fought valiantly through the 10 minute mark in the 2nd half here, but Michael Ballack just deposited a header in the net for the Blues followed by an Alex Cole volley to make it 3-0 early in the 2nd half. Probably not the best feature game here for ESPN.

Do you think Phil Scolari is still wiping egg off his face somewhere? His hesitancy to pair Drogba and Anelka last year looks like an extremely poor decision after a precise connection between the two for Chelsea’s first goal today and great run for the dynamic duo to start the term.

About the only thing that hasn’t looked great for Chelsea is some of the play through the diamond in the middle. Indeed Frank Lampard looks still hesitant in the new formation.

Couple the fact of Lampard getting comfortable with absence and eventual return of middies Joe Cole and Russian signee sensation Yuri Zhirkov (check out this YouTube compilation set to Euro club music) and I think you have no doubt that Chelsea will not only challenge for the Premiership but probably leave quite a wake as they do it.

One more quick note: Petr Cech, for me, is looking indecisive in net. Might he be going the way of Jens Lehmann now?


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