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Group H game 3 – Switzerland versus Chile

Roger won after a slow start...Can the Swiss overcome being down by 10 men?

PEEEEEP PEEP PEEP. Chile win a game which got progressively entertaining. They top the group with 6 points. Spain has to win in two hours.

92:00 – Valdivia earns a yellow for diving. He seems to agree with the ref.

3 minutes of added time.

90:00 – Derdiyok misses a glorious opportunity to draw level as a lovely inter change of passing and a great dummy gifts the ball to the young forward who shoots wide.

89:00 – Chile counter 3 on 2 and Paredes does it all on his own, bursting into the penalty area, twist and jukes but his final shot is wide.

85:00 – Chile counter and Paredes is one on one but elects for power instead of placement and blasts it over.

83:00 – Switzerland send their first rocket into space courtesy of Lichtsteiner’s shot.

80:00 – Switzerland now committing more people forward (which is what lead to the goal in the first place). Chile with a win does not guarantee themselves a place in the next round but does set themselves up nicely!

75:00 – GOOOOOOAAAAAL. Gonzalez. Their world cup record for most amount of time without conceding a goal is finally over thanks to an open header by the Chilean winger. Chile 1 – Switzerland 0

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Group H Game 1 – Chile versus Honduras

Will we see this celebration today from TSG's potential breakout player of the tournament?

Well Chile win but they could have won by 4 or 5 if it wasn’t for some fine defending and goal keeping by the Honduran back line.

93:00 – A brief attacking moment for Honduras results in them losing the ball and Gonzalez runs for the counter but his shot (once again a pass would have been the better idea) is over.

91:00 – Gonzalez really trying to impress “el loco” by taking two hasty shots that go above the bar and wide, when passing might have been the better option. Not the best way to to get noticed.

3 minutes of extra time

89:00 – Georgie Welcome (a very fun name to say) tries a shot from outside the box but it’s over the bar.

87:00 – Mark Gonzalez on Valdivia limps off.

81:00 – Chile take of Vidal and put on Contreras.

79:00 – Chile really laying siege upon the Honduran goal but they bravely defend it and it’s still 1 – 0.

75:00 – Vidal has a shot and Valladres parries it out back into play; Sanchez though controls with his hand (looked purposeful and should have been a card) as Valdivia tries to knock it in. The side line judge see’s it though and raises his flag.

69:00 – Honduras might be left wanting in attack but their defense is superb. They have impeccable timing when it comes to sliding tackles and last second clearances in their penalty box to deny Chile a second goal. To be fair to them, they aren’t trying to park the bus (and not are not) but Chile’s attack is relentless.

67:00 – Hendry on, Guevara off for Honduras.

64:00 – SAVE OF THE TOURNAMENT so far by Valladares as from a free kick the ball is headed across the face of goal and Chilean defender Ponce heads it hard that Valladares dives to his right and saves it from point blank range. Excellent by the Honduran keeper.

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