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Liverpool vs Wolves and Spurs vs Fulham

Mister angry is back for Liverpool. I hope he stays but something tells me is out this summer

Mister Angry is back for Liverpool. Lets hope he stays but something tells me is off this summer

It’s over…better games tomorrow!

Please ref…end this

90:00 – Carragher wins a corner. A player of his class as a person does not deserve the humiliation of playing on this team. Corner comes to nothing but eventually Carragher sends in a shot that is about 10 feet wide. This has been Liverpool’s best chance.

87:00 – Liverpool really have no creativity right now. Its amazing. Obviously they miss Benayoun and Aquilani is just sitting on the bench. Rafa has done nothing. He needs to go. Trust me, i’m being positive.

83:00 – Wolves win a free kick in a dangerous area…oh dear…luckily hit straight at the wall

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