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Drogba Injured; Rio Out

Didier Drogba injured against Japan with a reported fractured elbow:

Drogba Update: Unconfirmed reports say Drogba’s elbow now not fractured — TSG is going to sit back and wait until a few confirmed reports come in.

Ferdinand Update: Rio Ferdinand out of the World Cup. Michael Dawson takes his place. Steven Gerrard, not John Terry, named team captain.

In other news, TSG will issue it’s World Cup pool shortly (news like the aforementioned is why I wait till the last minute).

EPL Jumble: After Rooney, Then Who?

It’s hard to argue that Wayne Rooney isn’t the MVP of the EPL this year. Say you had to rule him out, who’s next?

Scott, Die Hipster Brewing: Didier Drogba. Love him or hate him, he is an absolute force.  Teams have to keep him out of games and that just frees up Kalou/Malouda/Lampard and Anelka.  He makes heroic defensive plays.  He works the trap and works the refs twice as hard. the 2nd choice.

Richard Farley, EPLTalk: I don’t believe it is difficult to argue somebody else is the league’s MVP.  Were I a member of the Football Writers Association, I would have voted for Didier Drogba – who has a better goal rate, many more assists, is on a better team and has been a more difficult match-up for his opposition.  I would have then voted for Carlos Tévez, then Rooney, then Cesc Fabregas.  Rooney’s season is great, but the idea that he would be a landslide winner of the FWA award has roots in paper love, amongst other things.

Chris, Arsenal: I think you could put Drogba in there with Rooney as well (pretty amazing stats and performances for Drogba this year). Outside of those two, it is Cesc Fabregas. In games that Cesc featured for less than 45 minutes Arsenal are 4-3-4 by my count…Without Cesc, Arsenal are nowhere near winning a trophy. With him, they are pretty damn close. Statistics-wise Fabregas is second in goals scored with 15 and tied for the lead with 15 assists for all midfielders.

Rob, 723FootballFilms: As hard as it is for me to say Didier Drogba is undoubtedly the runner up MVP of the EPL this year. Drogba is only one goal behind Rooney for the league lead and had to miss a chunk of the season while off to the African Nations Cup. If Chelsea didn’t have Drogba banging in the goals left and right I don’t think they’d be in the title race at this point. Drogba has scored 23.25% of Chelsea’s goals.

Matthew, TSG: I have to go with part of my all-EPL column yesterday–and I can’t let Didier “Ezel” Drogba win unanimously.

Manchester United let in a suffocating 28 goals on the campaign–this with all four of its backline out for various amounts of time. At one point, Patrice Evra played centerback and Darren Fletcher and Michael Carrick took turns at rightback. Additionally, Gary Neville certainly did not get a year younger. United clearly excelled once Edwin Van Der Saar returned from injury late in 2009. His calming and reassured presence cannot be understated

WC 2010: 5 More Offenders To Watch (Part II)

If you missed Part I….you can either click here or scroll with your new infrared computer mouse that you weren’t supposed to get until tomorrow.

Atta'boy JZA! Merry XMas!

05. Jozy Altidore

Nearly everyone reading this column is–quite obviously–familiar with Big Jeezy. Altidore pummeled the MLS with Red Bulls before moving–with great expectation–to Villarreal in 2008.

Villarreal couldn’t find a spot for the youngster–now 20–and shipped him to Hull City on a one-year loan where his first year has been uneven.

Beyond Didier Drogba, Altidore is on the of few players that has fantastic dribbling ability to go along with massive size.

He is also one of the few offenders who can post up and turn on his guy in the center of the pitch or drive down the wing after facing up.

Can he–will he–put it together in World Cup 2010?

04. Mesut Özil

A favorite of TSG contributor Antonio, Özil is pushing for first team consideration on Germany 2010.

The 21-year-old rooster-haired Özil has 6 goals for Werder in the campaign thus far on 13 appearances. Better, for Germany, Özil has started to factor for the homeland.

Özil will sit in midfield and with talented players like Schweinsteiger and Podolski already in the fold, Özil’s skills might sneak up on opponents…but should also be announced to the world.

03. Fernando Torres

Torres needs no introduction.

So we’ll be brief and let Tim Howard tell you about Torres, “I think he’s been one of the top in the world. He’s got speed, and he’s got a great sense for the goal, which all great strikers have. The craziest thing about Torres is that as silky smooth as he is, he’s a scrapper as well.”

I’ll now quote myself and say, “If you were going to build the perfect striker, you build Fernando Torres…period.”

With Spain one of the favorites hoist the cup, with David Villa to play off, and with service from Cesc and Iniesta. Watch out!

02. Luis Fabiano

Brazil's unequaled numeral nine

USMNT fans will remember Fabiana’s gorgeous pirouette and shot through Jay DeMerit’s legs and past Timmy Howard that then righted Brazil all the way to the Confed Cup win.

Fabiano’s got everything and then some. Think of him as, say, Carmelo Anthony. He’s tall. He’s got a post up game; he can put back rebounds. He can even face you up and take you 1-on-1 or launch the 3. All he needs his service.

Brazil is coming in with a more defensive game plan to World Cup 2010–that doesn’t mean you won’t see Maicon launching crosses and Kaka shoveling passes….all in the direction of Fabiano who will be playing at the top of the offensive triangle.

(Not a highlight video, put this guy just screams striker.)

01. Didier Drogba

Drogba’s name and resume precedes himself.

This is the moment for Drogba to extoll his greatness. So often teammates (Lampard, Terry) and managers (Grant, Mourinho) call him the greatest; yet to the populace he’s more just a great striker. Not a great.

With the Ivory Coast having their strongest team in years and Drogba arguably in his last World Cup as a difference maker, it’s time for the Chelsea man to go off and claim 2010 as the Year of Drogba.


Honorable mentions:

One person you should’ve been able to watch is Alexandre Pato. It looks like Pato (The “Duck”) is being outright ignored by his national team. Right now he’s one of the best 20 players in the world, in TSG’s opinion. Can someone smudge his passport so it looks he was born in Miami? Ditto for Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has basically told the Sweden team to kiss off, turning down an invitation to the Italian friendly in November, perturbed at Sweden’s inability to qualify.

Just missing this list as well were Englishmen Wayne Rooney–a phenomenal forward but not top 10 player in our book–and wingman Aaron Lennon. It was Lennon in 2006 who showed the only penchant for one-on-one dazzlement for the Three Lions and he’s looking in better form this time around.

With their best team in years, we considered putting Robin Van Persie on this list. However the Dutch have a habit of folding in top international play and Van Persie is struggling with injuries right now.

No love from TSG for the USMNT’s own Landon Donovan. The world knows about Donovan and the USMNT will need that striker ahead of him. If the States go far, Jozy will need to make hay.

Franck Ribery might showcase his chops for France, but France doesn’t have the complete game or the coach to take it to the max this time around.

Is this Samuel E’to’s swan song as well? The Cameroonian still has the chops and his national team might surprise, however service to the now-Milan striker is variable at best, so no joy from The Shin Guardian.

Week 5: EPL and More: It’s All About Sunday

Week 5, where you start paying attention to where your team is in the table:

Sunderland, Burnley in stoppage time

Sunderland, Burnley in stoppage time

• We start with Burnley vs. Liverpool Sunderland, a 4:40 AM PST start on ESPN2.  Thanks ESPN. You’re not going to get me up for that one, even with 5 red bulls, four jelly donuts, and naked cheerleaders (all with their teeth perfectly aligned). Sorry ESPN. I’m betting on no match-up piece this week.

• A quick note and apology, TSG doesn’t cover the UEFA Cup/Europa League. We’re a small publication and we’ll start covering more of the Champion’s League once the knockout rounds begin.

• It’s all about Sunday this week. You have Chelsea and Tottenham facing off and then the derby everyone’s been waiting for:  United vs. City. Sadly, the shiny new City sportscar is missing a couple horsepower with Adebayor now suspended for three games for his premeditated stomp and Big Mouth Tevez afflicted by injury and most likely out of the contest.

Some more notes from the derby:

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