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FIFA Calls “Extraordinary Meeting” Prior To Draw

Although it remains a near impossibility that FIFA would order a replay of IRE-FRA, let the speculation begin…

Announced on today:

Due to recent events in the world of football, namely incidents at the play-offs for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™, match control (refereeing) and irregularities in the football betting market, the FIFA President has called an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee.

The extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee will take place in Cape Town on 2 December 2009, starting at 15.00.

Of course this “extraordinary meeting” could be nothing more than a dog-and-pony show to give the appearance that FIFA takes the Henry affair seriously and that soccer is on the proverbial “up-and-up.” Should no action of any kind result from Sepp Blatter’s pow-wow it will be hard to perceive it any differently.

ESPN Soccernet chimes in on the “crisis meeting” speculating about the use of an goal line assistants, condemnation of Henry’s helper and an explanation of seeding.

Any chance FIFA will stream that meeting live on its website?


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