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Euro 2012…Showcasing The Motherlands

Apparently the European Championship is a big deal. Not nearly as big as the CONCACAF Gold Cup, but it seems to be picking up some steam in recent years. If only they held the tournament every two years instead of four…

Now calmly put away your outrage at my ignorance for a more appropriate time, I’m only kidding.

TSG could not be more stoked for Euro 2012 as the tournament takes place in both lands of Matthew and my ancestors, Poland and the Ukraine.

As such, there is a good chance that my head will explode if ESPN gives the motherlands even a quarter of the “South Africa treatment” when it comes to covering the tournament. And don’t worry, these great nations will be prepared by the time the tourney comes around in 2012.

While Poland and the Ukraine automatically qualify for the tournament (June 8 – July 1, 2012) the draw for the remaining hopefuls took place today in Warsaw. A total of 16 teams will qualify for Euro 2012 which represents the last of the 16-team Championships as Euro 2016 will expand to 24 qualifying team.

One shirt down, one to go.

TSG will be doing its best to straddle the fence between the Yellow-Blues and the White-and-Reds, but as of now I’m leaning slightly towards the land of kielbasa and peirogi after acquiring this gem of a Polska shirt earlier this week. (Don’t worry Mom, I’ll make up for it by telling the story of my trip to the Ukrainian-American club on the Lower East Side in NYC to watch Ukraine-Italy during the 2006 World Cup soon.)

Here are the results of the qualifying draw fpr the group play that will kick-off later this year:

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