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Group F Game 1 – Italy versus Paraguay

What does this man have up his sleeve to save Italy's blushes in this opening round

Well Paraguay played well enough to earn a point, but lets not count out Italy yet. They traditionally start each World Cup out slow but are always within the mix at the end. That said Italy were not that convincing as world champions.


93:00 – Paraguay with a free kick. I like the Italian goalkeeper get up of each keeper having a neck warmer. Nothing comes from the set piece.

3 minutes of extra time.

88:00 – Paraguay now seem content with the shared points as they have lost their attacking verve. Meanwhile Italy are attacking with renewed vigor.

83:00 – Casually Montolivo shoots a scorching shot that Villar does very well to push around the bar. Good shot by the Italian midfielder.

81:00 – Paraguay pressing more and sending high balls in the box hoping Santa Cruz can get his head to the ball. They win a corner.

80:00 – Pepe takes a shot, its hit hard but straight at the keeper.

76:00 – Barrios off, Cardozo on for Paraguay.

74:00 – Recently Paraguay’s ball control and touch have been poor. I wonder if its a conditioning thing. They’re look much less dangerous and sure of themselves when the ball is at their feet.

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