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The Robin to Messi’s Batman…

….or the Batman to Messi’s Robin…hmm….

Update: Javier Pastore with the first hat trick of the Serie A season as Palermo downed Catania Sunday 3-1.

Bold prediction here. Very bold by TSG standards….

“Javier Pastore will be in the running for Ballon D’or winner in 2014 AND win the best player of World Cup 2014.”

Take your bets now.


From October 3rd, 2010:

A little lighter fare for a Sunday.

I play soccer Sunday mornings with a few guys from both Argentina and Uruguay.

This morning we chatted a little bit about Maradona, Messi and Tevez, but the name that came up most was Javy Pastore.

The sentiment among all the Argentinians there–for what it’s worth one of them used to play lower level club ball in Argentina–is that the 21-year-old attacking midfielder/winger who currently plays for Serie A Palermo from Argentina is about to explode for club and country. According to one friend, “In 2014, everyone at home thinks the team will be led by Messi and Pastore.”

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