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Interview: Jimmy Conrad, The Most Special One?

Go to Jimmy Conrad’s personal home page and it makes a bold proclamation…

Welcome to Your whole life will now change for the better.

It was a short night on Saturday for JC.

Well Jimmy, after stomping on my hopes and dreams Saturday night at the Home Depot Center with your 17th minute sayonara I call bullsh.. false advertising!

After meeting Jimmy in-person earlier this month when TSG was at the US Soccer training camp, I actually believed my life had changed for the better. I started a new job, attended the Jets playoff beatdown of the Chargers in my own backyard and matched all my socks coming out of the dryer.

Things were looking good.

Then came Saturday.

JC gets a red card, the USMNT gets thumped 3-1, the Knicks get walloped by 50 and the Jets fell apart in the second half versus the Colts. In other words, I’m not quite sure what to believe anymore. While the USMNT and greater soccer public is probably harboring a grudge against Conrad, take a read of our time with him and the scales of injustice will begin to balance.

Perhaps the only thing I know for certain following my short time with Mr. Conrad after a US training session earlier this month in Carson is this – what you see is what you get with Jimmy Conrad. He’s comes across just as engaging, funny and intelligent after practice talking 1-on-1 as he does through his multi-pronged media exposure.

Upon meeting Conrad, he took a quick glance down towards my notes which happened to be a page marked “Conor Casey” and immediately informed me that he was not, in fact, Conor Casey, but Jimmy Conrad.

(Thanks for the heads up, Jimmy, but we know you’re not bald. We know you don’t score goals, you give up fouls in the box. Zing!)

And thus we were off on a great Jimmy Conrad experience that touched on MLS, teaching math and playing in Poland among other things. You’re going to want to stay around for the Poland part.

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US Troops to Honduras: Coops & Conrad, Hiya

Welcome back William Dafoe, I mean, JC!

Welcome back William Dafoe, I mean, JC!

The roster you “won’t” be seeing on free TV on 10/10

• G: Tim Howard, Brad Guzan

• D: Carlos Bocanegra, Jonathan Bornstein, Steve Cherundolo, Jimmy Conrad, Clarence Goodson, Oguchi Onyewu, Jonathan Spector

• M: Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Clint Dempsey, Benny Feilhaber, Stu Holden, Robbie Rogers, Jose Francisco Torres

• F: Jozy Altidore, Conor Casey, Brian Ching, Charlie Davies, Landon Donovan

Quick reaction:

• It pays to play….and deliver. Kenny Coops back in the fold.

• The usual characters in midfield. Robbie Rogers makes it again. If the US can take care of business in Honduras, then we might see Bradley investigate the back-up left flank in D.C. with either Rogers or Torres.

• For all the hype, no Edgar Castillo call-up–not that it was expected.

• TSG Wing of the Hall-of-Fame namesake, Jimmy Conrad makes the squad. See first bulletpoint. Get that knee better Chad Marshall.

Peter Vermes Doesn’t Mess Around

If you’re interviewing Peter Vermes after you read this, let me tell you one thing. Cut to the chase, be efficient with his time, and let him get out of there quickly because all he wants to do is his job and do it well.

Vermes: Live and in color

Vermes: Live and with color

If you’re a KC Wizards fan, that’s a good thing.

TSG had the opportunity to interview KC Wizards coach Peter Vermes this morning and he did not disappoint. Just like he showed us in his playing career, Vermes is a straight shooter, aimed at hitting goals and having success.

While we tried to banter a bit with Peter and get him engage in a little bit of one-two conversation, Vermes was all business and his answers as you will read were matter of fact. A number of times, the KC coach led his answers with, “Look…” as if to say, “This is what’s important and get the story right.”

In the spirit of Peter’s brevity, we’ll keep his answers on the Wizards, Landon Donovan, Jimmy Conrad Twitter escapades, playing in the Azteca, and everything else curt and to the point.

Thanks Peter for the interview….and away we go.

Hey Peter, you could have gone anywhere, why KC?

Look, I’ve been involved in the biz side of the business for awhile and then became technical director at Kansas City. I had the choice of a number of jobs, but I like the technical job. In terms of the KC coaching vacancy, we needed someone who could step in right away and provide some cover until we found the right candidate. We didn’t want to rush into a new coach.

Peter, what are some of your goals or success metrics through the end of the year?

Look we have to be very realistic. We’re in 13th place. We’re a long shot to make the playoffs. You have to look where you are and where you want to get to and then figure out how to get there. For us, it starts with the basics. Number one we have to improve our performance, on a practice-to-practice basis and week-to-week basis. We can’t be rolling the dice on what we’re doing. Each player has to be committed to a better performance.

Look, we’re not magicians, we know where we are in the standings, but if we’re committed to better performance the results will come

Okay, great, but what are some specific things you are looking for?

All players have to raise their intensity.

We need to create more offensive chances.

Kevin Hartman’s having a good year and we still need to keep more clean sheets.

Intensity is the key ingredient though. If I see more intensity, then I know the results will come.

click here for Peter Vermes’ thoughts on US Soccer, US-MEX, U-20 up-and-comers, and Landon Donovan

Conrad: Comedic on the Concussion

Jimmy Conrad, in better times

Jimmy Conrad, in better times

Forget that a late hit or 15-yard penalty wasn’t called, the fans I was watching the Panama game with were in shock at the glazed searching look from Jimmy Conrad after he was belted with a skull going for a corner in Saturday’s game. While no malice was intended, the hit itself was certainly malicious.

Conrad writhed on the ground, more groping to figure out where he was than actually deal with pain. Jimmy was down–and then walked from the field.

Thankfully Conrad is doing better and has few quips via Twitter to the US fans:


“I’m in Chicago, trying to figure out how this happened to me, and in doing so, I feel a little like Dr. Richard Kimble from “The Fugitive”


“Monday Update: Still feel like I had too much wine last night so I might wander around Chicago & see if I can remember how to get back home”

“Just landed in Chicago. Still dizzy. Living the dream.”

“Post Concussion Update: Why can’t I get the song “Ring My Bell” out of my head? Also, a BIG thanks to all the well-wishers! Appreciate the love”

Get better Jimmy — the US needs your aggression.

Wish JC well on the comment board below and we’ll forward it along!

See what Jimmy can do for you!

We appreciate the sentiment, Jimmy, but you should really be focusing on yourself right now.

Here’s another clip we were reminded about of another Jimmy going down:


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