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Hull City versus Chelsea

It's been awhile since we've seen Dozy do this...will today be the day he scores?

PEEP PEEP TWEEEEEET. Game over, Hull 1 – Chelsea 1. Terry 2 – Altidore 2, though in the battle for whose a  better human, Altidore wins by a mile. Then again, Terry’s a dick.

Altidore played a great game as did the rest of the Hull City players. He worked hard and hurried the Chelsea back 4. He brought the ball down well, was a presence in the air and took on players with only his ball control failing him. If he could shore up his touches, he would have many more opportunities at scoring his first premiership goal.

92:00 – Joe Cole scampers down the wing and sends in a cross that Malouda, whose had a very quite game, volleys straight into Drogba’s back. That was goal bound.

90:00 – Zayatte comes on for the injured McShane. Can Hull City hang on. As i write this, Sturridge comes down with a ball and sends in a stinging volley that Myhill has to stretch to put around the post. Great shot, great save by Myhill.

89:00 – Drogba receives a yellow card for a swing/hard challenge on McShane who will probably have a nasty shiner to boast tomorrow.

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Hull hosts Chelsea: Drogba Sr. vs. Drogba Jr.?

Hull City entertains Ancelotti’s minions today in a make-up of a game called by weather a few weeks ago.

Altidore registering an assist to V of H on Saturday

Should be an entertaining one as:

♦ Didier Drogba Sr. is back for the interlopers.

We had this to say a few weeks back:

• Might England’s nasty weather have cost Jozy his EPL job next year?

What if Hull City gets relegated by one point? Why do we ask?

Well, the Tigers were all set to square of with Chelsea at KC Stadium last Saturday a few weeks ago in  a  game that is now rescheduled for a later date. That would have been a Chelsea side severely weakened by the loss of Essien, Drogba, Kalou, Obi Mikel to the Cup of Nations tourney and with Nicolas Anelka only a probable, but not definite, set to return from injury.

A less than Herculean task to compete against that Blues squad? Should Hull get relegated by a point and lose that Chelsea return, they might curse mother nature.

♦ We’ll hopefully get a mini-preview of June 12th as Drogba Jr, Jozy Altidore, goes up against John Terry or Alex Cole or both.

A cluttered attack sees Craig Fagan, new recruit Amr Zavi, Jan Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink, Kamil Ghilas and Altidore all battle for spots up top but it might be difficult to keep Big Jeezy out of the line-up after he registered two assists Saturday to move his name to #17 overall in assists for the Barclays.

126 Days And Counting

What do these things have in common?

Rico Clark’s goal propels the USMNT to a 1-0 win at Trinidad & Tobago.

The US qualifies for the World Cup in Honduras on the strength of a brace by Conor Casey.

Charlie Davies gets injured in a car accident and visits the US team’s training camp months later.

The USMNT draws with Costa Rica in dramatic fashion to finish in first place in CONCACAF.

Real Salt Lake wins the MLS Cup.

The World Cup draw places the United States in Group C with England, Slovenia and Algeria.

Landon Donovan assists on a goal in his first game for Everton in the English Premier League.

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Good Stuff This Weekend….Except for Pompey

(Update: The Hull City vs. Chelsea game is now canceled.)

We haven’t spanned the weekend globe lately. So away we go on Thursday…Vasco Da Gama-style. (Note: We add to this column during the day Friday and Saturday.)


• This look like a decent starting eleven to you?

Yes, it's true Pompey. This man once challenged back lines for you.

Striker: Jermain Defoe, Peter Crouch, David Nugent

Midfield:  Niko Kranjcar, Lassana Diara, Sean Davis

Defense: Nadir Belhadj, Sylvin Distin, Sol Campbell, Glen Johnson

Goalie: David James

(and manager: Harry Rednapp)

That squad escapes relegation, right? With the exception of Nadir Belhadj who is an extremely poor man’s Ashley Cole and still remains, all of these players have either been transferred or loaned out of Portsmouth in the last 18 months.

You have to feel for the fans there as Pompey has failed to pay players on multiple occasions and has 19 owners already this season. (3 owners)

(This game now cancelled due to weather) The Fulham Dempseys–minus Mr. Bobby Zamora’s broken collarbone–welcome what’s left of Portsmouth on Saturday.

Rumor has it Glasgow Rangers are petitioning for Portsmouth’s slot in the Premiership….that’s a joke, but think hard about that EPL officials.

• Might we get another Bingland-USA, USA, USA preview this Saturday as Hull City host the big blue wrecking crew from Chelsea. A post-up chance in the paint for Big Jeezy against John Terry? We’d love to see it.

A lot of chatter out there about Hull selling off strikers all over the place. Daniel Cousin going somewhere, Caleb Folan to Queens Park Rangers, Jan V of H getting returned off loan. Also rumors about bringing some in; Villainous Marlon Harewood among others.

We never miss a chance to show the Hull City tiger....

Let’s hope JZA doesn’t get caught up in the starting 11 turnstile. And speaking of Jozy, not only does TSG think we were right on in our current review of his form…but apparently the Hull City faithful agree as well.

Oh and ESPN if you’re going to throw some cash behind 3-D (which I agree with commentors on our site is gimmicky circa 2010) then you need to put some promotional muscle behind this game. College football is over as of this past Thursday–make it happen John Skipper!

Update: Hey ESPN, it’s Thursday and not a peep about ESPN having first place Chelsea on the docket or the side story of Big Jeezy going up against “I used to be” John Terry. What gives?

Sunderland “entertain” Bolton (this game now cancelled due to weather) at home in a match-up of two of arguably the most boring teams in the Premiership. Why might you care? Sunderland’s Darren Bent is one strike away from joining Rooney, Drogba and Defoe at the top of the EPL scorer’s table. All three of the latter are near regulars on their national team. Darren Bent does not need to plead his case further. Show him some love Capello.

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TSG Weekend Revs: Jozy Fights The Fergusons

→ Yesterday’s piece on Phil Brown using Jozy more.

Well, first, a big thank you to our readers. I had the luxury of reviewing all your comments before this evening’s Hull City-Manchester United replay on FSC. If you must know why I’m watching the 2nd showing, I was in transit back to the Left Coast via a frisking at JFK–sure was fun.

Here are some off-the-cuff bullets having just finished the game:

♦ Steven Hunt and Rafael missing ridiculous gimmes…at the 33rd, are you kidding me?

♦ “Berbatov hits the side of the net” — let’s just make that permanent saying once a half. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


♦ It’s about time they start calling #10 for Manchester United, Rooneyaldo, no? Exquisite day, minus the back pass, for England’s main thoroughbred.

♦ And if you watched Hull’s pitch personality, you’re pretty damn sure that they have done the exact opposite of quitting on Phil Brown. That’s a team with some serious fight in them.

Now on to Big Jeezy

First, it’s important we reset the stage for this game and Jozy’s last month or so.

Hull City comes off an away loss at Arsenal where they has absolutely nill in the way of offensive play, especially in the 2nd half. As we mentioned in our last piece, Manager Brown went with a 4-5-1 with Fagan as the ball tracker up top. The Tigers attempted to strike from the corners, but as soon as Geovanni and Hunt tired, Hull had nothing and in case defensive replacements.

Altidore for his part wasn’t in the 18 at Emirates and previously didn’t lift himself off the bench in the game before that. Prior to the most recent two games, JZA was a late game sub in a draw at Blackburn going about 30 minutes in that one and was excused from the pitch at the 54 min in the game that Jimmy Bullard got injured in.

Speaking of Bullard, without him–and Ian Ashbee mind you–Manager Brown has went with a highly defensive midfield of Olofinijana and Boateng in the middle. You could argue that the pairing of Rico and Mikey Bradley are better overall and better offensively then those two. (Boateng was a player in his day.)

Brown: Making Big Jeezy the big target today

Which now leads us to Jozy’s role for the day.

Minus the midfield service, Brown mixed up both his strategy and tactics. Gone was Geovanni on the wing-point forward role for the day. With Carrick and Fletcher in the middle the smaller Geovanni would have been beat up by the Red Devils central midfielders on the day.

Instead Brown employed Altidore in the Emile Heskey target role and ran Craig Fagan off him, relying on Altidore to play in a reserved striker role for up-and-over play to him up the pitch.

Manchester United had to be constantly aware of Altidore receiving and distributing, but also Craig Fagan sneaking in behind them or making a long sprint up the pitch. Want to challenge a disorganized defensive line (Rafael in, Brown returning and manning the center), how about having them choose speed or strength on every offensive possession against them.

So Jozy’s role was target man. In this role, Jozy is not required, nay, instructed not to make the long runs or run willy-nilly all over the field. In fact, that’s precisely Craig Fagan’s job. I don’t think Jozy had too little energy today. I think he was playing the role that Phil Brown gave him–middle of the field, receive the ball. In the first half, he played the part fine.

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Big Jeezy: Phil Brown Talks To WFD

A picture of Jozy on the pitch at KC Stadium

Update: Jozy gets the start Sunday at KC Stadium….itching for a goal for the big man.

Somehow Jozy Altidore has ended up with 3 nicknames on our publication. The ultimate one being Big Jeezy.

Anywho, I finally got around to listening to Phil Brown, Hull City’s Manager on World Football Daily. I was hoping for a little bit more on JZA, but the interview focused more on Brown, Hull City and avoiding relegation.

Here’s what we did hear, paraphrasing, on Brown’s take on Jozy’s time in Yorkshire:

“Jozy’s a great talent. He went to Villarreal at early age and didn’t get a lot of run out. I’m really looking forward to him in the New Year. He’s got a lot of stuff to learn.

I’m hoping that his loan extends beyond this year. Once Jozy gets time in the Premiership and more matches, he’ll be able to showcase his talents.”

For our story on Jimmy Bullard’s impact on Jozy Altidore’s game, click here.

For what folks over the pond in Hull City think, click here.

WC 2010: 5 More Offenders To Watch (Part II)

If you missed Part I….you can either click here or scroll with your new infrared computer mouse that you weren’t supposed to get until tomorrow.

Atta'boy JZA! Merry XMas!

05. Jozy Altidore

Nearly everyone reading this column is–quite obviously–familiar with Big Jeezy. Altidore pummeled the MLS with Red Bulls before moving–with great expectation–to Villarreal in 2008.

Villarreal couldn’t find a spot for the youngster–now 20–and shipped him to Hull City on a one-year loan where his first year has been uneven.

Beyond Didier Drogba, Altidore is on the of few players that has fantastic dribbling ability to go along with massive size.

He is also one of the few offenders who can post up and turn on his guy in the center of the pitch or drive down the wing after facing up.

Can he–will he–put it together in World Cup 2010?

04. Mesut Özil

A favorite of TSG contributor Antonio, Özil is pushing for first team consideration on Germany 2010.

The 21-year-old rooster-haired Özil has 6 goals for Werder in the campaign thus far on 13 appearances. Better, for Germany, Özil has started to factor for the homeland.

Özil will sit in midfield and with talented players like Schweinsteiger and Podolski already in the fold, Özil’s skills might sneak up on opponents…but should also be announced to the world.

03. Fernando Torres

Torres needs no introduction.

So we’ll be brief and let Tim Howard tell you about Torres, “I think he’s been one of the top in the world. He’s got speed, and he’s got a great sense for the goal, which all great strikers have. The craziest thing about Torres is that as silky smooth as he is, he’s a scrapper as well.”

I’ll now quote myself and say, “If you were going to build the perfect striker, you build Fernando Torres…period.”

With Spain one of the favorites hoist the cup, with David Villa to play off, and with service from Cesc and Iniesta. Watch out!

02. Luis Fabiano

Brazil's unequaled numeral nine

USMNT fans will remember Fabiana’s gorgeous pirouette and shot through Jay DeMerit’s legs and past Timmy Howard that then righted Brazil all the way to the Confed Cup win.

Fabiano’s got everything and then some. Think of him as, say, Carmelo Anthony. He’s tall. He’s got a post up game; he can put back rebounds. He can even face you up and take you 1-on-1 or launch the 3. All he needs his service.

Brazil is coming in with a more defensive game plan to World Cup 2010–that doesn’t mean you won’t see Maicon launching crosses and Kaka shoveling passes….all in the direction of Fabiano who will be playing at the top of the offensive triangle.

(Not a highlight video, put this guy just screams striker.)

01. Didier Drogba

Drogba’s name and resume precedes himself.

This is the moment for Drogba to extoll his greatness. So often teammates (Lampard, Terry) and managers (Grant, Mourinho) call him the greatest; yet to the populace he’s more just a great striker. Not a great.

With the Ivory Coast having their strongest team in years and Drogba arguably in his last World Cup as a difference maker, it’s time for the Chelsea man to go off and claim 2010 as the Year of Drogba.


Honorable mentions:

One person you should’ve been able to watch is Alexandre Pato. It looks like Pato (The “Duck”) is being outright ignored by his national team. Right now he’s one of the best 20 players in the world, in TSG’s opinion. Can someone smudge his passport so it looks he was born in Miami? Ditto for Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has basically told the Sweden team to kiss off, turning down an invitation to the Italian friendly in November, perturbed at Sweden’s inability to qualify.

Just missing this list as well were Englishmen Wayne Rooney–a phenomenal forward but not top 10 player in our book–and wingman Aaron Lennon. It was Lennon in 2006 who showed the only penchant for one-on-one dazzlement for the Three Lions and he’s looking in better form this time around.

With their best team in years, we considered putting Robin Van Persie on this list. However the Dutch have a habit of folding in top international play and Van Persie is struggling with injuries right now.

No love from TSG for the USMNT’s own Landon Donovan. The world knows about Donovan and the USMNT will need that striker ahead of him. If the States go far, Jozy will need to make hay.

Franck Ribery might showcase his chops for France, but France doesn’t have the complete game or the coach to take it to the max this time around.

Is this Samuel E’to’s swan song as well? The Cameroonian still has the chops and his national team might surprise, however service to the now-Milan striker is variable at best, so no joy from The Shin Guardian.


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