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Reader Query: Lando Jersey, Yay or Nay?

Gotta go with "this?" Lando kit?

Got a reader question today in column commentary and so, as we’re prone to do here at TSG, we acted as a conduit to getting the answer from other experts.

The question:

Should I buy my Everton Landon Jersey? Even if he doesn’t go, it’d be cool to have, right?

And your answers:

Twitter handle: @conradh
@shinguardian do it (if you are a USA Everton fan) since he played for a period with them

Twitter handle: @GTTF

@shinguardian every Everton shirt with Donovan on it sold brings us that much closer to Moyes having the transfer funds

Twitter handle: @sparnon
@shinguardian Still pretty cool.

In case you weren't aware, the inspiration for Everton's away kit last year came from the Sears Portrait Studio circa 1982

Twitter handle: @crocken
@shinguardian only if its last years kit, and the black/pink one.

Twitter handle: *@Eric_Howell
@shinguardian if he goes to citteh I have a home medium I will sell. (I mean burn)

Twitter handle: @fka_Rusty
@shinguardian I say it’s cool since he was there for 3 months… Tho it’d be better if it was the 09-10 shirt…

Twitter handle: @TommyBB
@shinguardian Yes. He WENT, and acquitted himself well, there. Changed my view of him, that’s for sure


Oh, and looking for your fix of Everton? Check out the Followtonians Podcast. This week, the crew over there will have former Everton stud and Kansas City “Wizards” youth coach Paul Rideout as their guests.

The crew at Followtonians does a good job led by *Eric Howell who responded above. Here’s what Eric had to say about the potential sale of Yakubu to West Ham:

In the beginning, this relationship had so much promise...

» I say good riddance.  Oh and please take his countryman Yobo with him.  As I stated on The Followtonians Podcast evaluating Everton players at the World Cup, I wouldn’t be surprised if the missed SITTER by Yakubu isn’t the single most reason why Goodluck Jonathan initially suspended the Nigerian National Team from international competition for two years.

With the additions of Beckford & Silva and the maturation of Rodwell who is listed as a midfielder but could be pressed into work up top due to his nose for the goal, I say goodbye.  The Toffees would be better to get anything they can from what can only be described as a disappointing stint with the club.

Cut the fat and cut their losses.  Everton has faster, younger, & more dangerous options that are ready to score now and in the near future. Stop feeding the Yak.

Donovan to City Still Plausible

Update here, 07/21:

Sky Sports is reporting that Landon Donovan to Manchester City is still a possibility for Roberto Mancini and crew.

Below our opine on the potential move right after the conclusion of the World Cup.

Here, our thougths on Don Garber’s commentary on Donovan from a week ago.

“Hey Garber, say Manchester City offers something you can’t refuse, what are you going to tell Los Angeles Galaxy ticket holders who you promised that Donovan wasn’t going anywhere?”

According to a great many responses on Twitter, it’s “Ronaldinho.”

…and the, uh, Manchester City community is not to keen on this possibility.


Lando headed eastward...and just a tad further?

From June 27th:

Just a brief moment here on this story that Landon Donovan is in consideration for a transfer to Manchester City.

Beyond the obvious–that is Manchester City played a 4-3-3 last year and Donovan would be an ideal option on the right wing to replace Craig Bellamy opposite perhaps Adam Johnson–Manchester City was recently deemed by Forbes one of the “poorest” clubs in the world. (Read the description here of why.) The Yahoo story title from the link above is not only a misnomer; the headline is just plain wrong.

TSG mentioned two months ago  that the 300M people in the United States represents a major, potential, source of supporter dollars for a club that needs to diversity its revenue stream.

Manchester City will take some time–and may never be–number one in Manchester. The big four–still–of Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool dominate revenues in the English Premier League. So here is way to gain a whole new set of fans, in a potential lucrative market.

Really a no brainer when you consider Donovan’s present abilities.

Landon On Letterman

Say It Ain’t So Lando: Leighton Baines

Baines: Sure to be a 2014 starter for the lions...

Tongue-in-cheek here….

You actually authored your vote for an Everton defender, LD10?

Does the US have some drama on its hands?

Is Landon Donovan just pushing not to face an Ashley Cole who wants vengeance on June 12th?

Is there discord in Camp USA?

Landon Donovan picks his Everton player of the year. He goes Leighton Baines over Big T.

Actually, we’ll gladly take Leighton Baines at left back on Team USA. As an Everton fan, he was about the only player as Donovan said who consistently brought it each game, beyond Howard.

Read all about the “snub” here.

Remember, tongue-in-cheek…..

Landy Says Give Buddle & Gomez A Peek

Landon Donovan was in New York for a EA-Gillette event….Gillette? Do we really want to identify Donovan with the likes of Henry and Tiger at this point. Say it ain’t so.

LD10: Groovin'

Beyond that Donovan was forthcoming and quoted as saying both Edson Buddle and Herculez Gomez deserve a shot up top for the Yanks.

Donovan’s global statement:

“Taking a look at, absolutely. Why wouldn’t you? At this point, you would have to think everything is an option,” Donovan said. “Clearly I’m not the coach and I don’t make these decisions, but I always err on the side of caution. And what I mean by that is you take the players that are one, playing, and who are playing the best at the time. And I always think that’s the best formula. Now, not everyone sees it that way, but that’s my personal opinion.”

This shouldn’t be news to those that read this column.

What should be weighed from this is that:

a) Donovan is outspoken only really when we wants to make a statement (see Beckham, David…and a whole book)

b) Donovan is clearly acknowledging that both are of the class that they should be considered.


c) Donovan is sending just a little bit of a message to the likes of Conor Casey, Robbie Findley that they need to get in form.

Does LD10’s statement put pressure on Bob Bradley or make it easier for Bradley to call both?

Round Cleat, Round Hole: Who Gets New Digs?

Roy Wegerle and John Harkes were the first two Americans to lace up in the EPL

Well, Chelsea slept on Blackburn…told them Blues not to do that.

We’ll have an Altidore update up as soon as we get a confirmed one.


Commentor GeorgeCross brought up the following question in a post last week:

“I am going to throw this one out there regarding Altidore. What about Arsenal? Wenger has been rumoured to be interested in Cole and Balotelli – why not Altidore? Fair enough that Altidore needs to be polished, but who better than master rock tumbler Wenger, who has a remarkable track record with young unfinished and raw players. He might not get as much playing time, but technically he has to improve (otherwise he won’t get into the first XI).”

A decent match there GeorgeCross and it got TSG into a column we’ve been meaning to pen for a while. We’ve already looked at the best mentors (Look for Part II in the next month) for a selection of USMNTers, but how about the best team to play on, from a playing time perspective as well as a mentoring perspective.

In fact those are two of the criteria, along with a third, playing style, that we considered when making some of these selections below. Caveat: TSG’s normally objective look at Americans may have been a wee compromised in this column.

Give Big Jeezy a few years and he just may be leaping buildings in a single bound too...

Jozy Altidore: Aston Villa

Pretty close for Jozy on Arsenal, but not as close as Villa. For Jozy at Arsenal, there are few challenges. First, Robin Van Persie is the show’s lead and Nicolas Bendtner it would appear is beginning to fulfill the promise that had Wenger plucking the then 16-year-old from F.C. Copenhagen way back in 2004. (Bendtner is now rumored to be a candidate for the front line at Bayern.) Plus Arsenal have up-and-coming England nattie in waiting (and 190lbs) Jay Simpson (on load at Queens Park Rangers) waiting in the wings.

Second challenge for Jozy–his first touch. With Arsenal employing a quick touch brand of football and accentuating player movement may not play to Jozy’s strengths.

For Villa, it’s a question of replacement and pairing.

In Emile Heskey and John Carew, Villa have a 32 year-old and a 31-year-old in the target or big striker role. Both, along with third stringer Maron Harewood (on-loan and 31) have battled countless injuries over the past year.

Altidore, who was healthy until Friday’s unexplained injury, is the direct opposite, younger and less (cough) injury prone.

Additionally, Altidore would slip in quite nicely next to the zippy Gaby Agbonlahor up top. Agbonlahor, on the edge or a World Cup bid this year for England at the age of 23, is, in comparison to Charlie Davies, a few notches faster and just hair below in strength–a fine complement for the former Red Bull frontman.

Next, with two Americans (Friedel and Guzan) on their senior and a third (Eric Lichaj) likely coming, Aston Villa (with American owner Randy Lerner) would vie for mass public support from the Americans. Finally, and due to Lerner, Aston Villa is a well-run team that should be able to pay Villarreal’s transfer price request ($5M?)

Just look$ right

Landon Donovan: Everton*

It’s hard to argue that Landon Donovan didn’t just trial on the perfect team for him to transfer too. Everton sits just below the top four in the EPL, removing Lanverton from an unworldly amount of scrutiny when he nestled in during the winter.

In terms of Everton’s game and Donovan’s ability to recognize what is needed, the Galaxy man presented the perfect complement to improve Moyes’ offense.

That being said, can Everton afford the transfer fee for the California resident who recently?

Chelsea rumors abounded as well as opinion that Donovan was perhaps better suited for the Iberian peninsula (where no American has ever truly suceeded yet…Ante Razov 2nd division stint at Racing Ferrol being probably the best in the last twenty).

But Donovan doesn’t seem to be the guy who wants to stray too far from what makes him comfortable. It appears he wants to fit in, do his job, and call it a day. So, in the event that Everton can’t ante up the green, other Donovan prospects might be Arsenal red where Donovan could be an outside forward just like at Goodison and be in heavy rotation with Arshavin, Walcott and Nasri. Only drawback? Wenger usually buys low, not high.

Junior...mixing it up...

Michael Bradley: AC Milan

Outside of Bo’Munchen where could Mike Bradley go to prosper, thrive and contribute.

TSG looks at Bradley and we see an upgrade over shaky post-Arsenal man Mathieu Flamini who, despite below average form, has still featured in 19 games for Milan on the year.

Bradley, should the transfer cost not be prohibitive for the Rossoneri who have battled some budget issues (see Onyewu, Oguchi), would slot in nicely next to Pirlo (or whomever his successor is) and also provide, again, youth as Clarence Seedorf ages and the classy Gennaro Gatusso likely heads to pasture after this year. Further, learning from a midfield ace like Milan coach Leonardo–assuming he’s still around–priceless.

Buddy up Gooch, Junior may arrive.

Continue reading

Donovan: Bittersweet, But Proud As He Leaves….

Donovan's "final?" image in an Everton kit?

Earlier today, Landon Donovan took to twitter to tell friends he was happy coming home, but also label that homecoming bittersweet as he thanked Evertonians for accepting him with open arms.

What is the one last image that he’s taking with him as he dons a Galaxy uniform for the first time in 2010?

From Everton’s official site:

“The send-off from the fans after the Hull City game was one of the most incredible experiences of my life,” Donovan told evertonTV.  “You feel proud but it was also a sad moment, because when you’re accepted that way and you feel that love, it’s hard to leave.

“I’ve never seen or experienced anything like that and I just kind of went with the moment – I didn’t want to make too much of it and have them booing me and get me off the pitch!

“I just wanted to show my appreciation.  For me, I fed off that energy and I hoped that they fed off my energy – then it’s been a win-win for everyone.

“Playing and beating Chelsea and Manchester United within the space of a week will be something I will always remember too,” he continued.  “I don’t think any other American has had the opportunity to do that and there aren’t many other players in the world who get to play against and beat those two teams.”

Read more from EvertonFC here.


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