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Say It Ain’t So Lando: Leighton Baines

Baines: Sure to be a 2014 starter for the lions...

Tongue-in-cheek here….

You actually authored your vote for an Everton defender, LD10?

Does the US have some drama on its hands?

Is Landon Donovan just pushing not to face an Ashley Cole who wants vengeance on June 12th?

Is there discord in Camp USA?

Landon Donovan picks his Everton player of the year. He goes Leighton Baines over Big T.

Actually, we’ll gladly take Leighton Baines at left back on Team USA. As an Everton fan, he was about the only player as Donovan said who consistently brought it each game, beyond Howard.

Read all about the “snub” here.

Remember, tongue-in-cheek…..


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