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Late Night Ponderings: We Need Answers

Late night at TSG headquarters.

Due to TSG’s full-time employment that takes a good chunk of our waking hours, writing tends to take place late at night. This often leads Matthew and I to engage in Gmail chat that starts with a point, but then meanders its way through the soccer world.

Recently, we’ve been ending up with more questions then answers and we’re hoping our readers could help us out.

Any chance the NFL and MLB conspired to send Glazer and Hicks over to the EPL to eliminate future competition? American-run Manchester United and Liverpool are mired in debt…do Americans hate soccer that much that they will go to such great lengths to destroy it? (please note sarcasm.)

Any chance the boys on the other side of the pond will agree to start Premiership matches later in the day for us sunshine-soaked folks on the left coast? Jozy and the Tigers taking on City at 7:00am?…okay. But the Howard-Donovan Bowl at 4:45am?!?…c’mon.

Any chance we’ll see Jozy Altidore blast one in the back of the net versus City? The Altidore Goal Watch will stand at 154 days when he takes the pitch on Saturday. (I’ve got a feeling…I think.)

Any chance US Soccer will to stop pimping the USMNT’s 14th spot in the world rankings? The US has beaten exactly two non-CONCACAF team in the past year.

Any chance the World Cup will not sell-out? Ticket sales are said to be struggling amid cost and security concerns. FIFA will probably get there, but chances of going back-to-back England ’18 and USA ’22 are probably a little better as a result of the “learning experience.”

Any chance the soccer community (and FIFA) will be as outraged over the CAF decision to ban Togo for two Africa Cup of Nations tournaments as it was over the Henry handball? How can the “rebels-shooting-up-the-team-bus” principle not trump the “government-interference” principle? Disgusting.

Any chance the soccer media will abandon their best TMZ impersonation and return to their regularly-scheduled programming of actually covering the game? Sure, Terrygate may have an impact on the World Cup, but Wynalda and Harkes aren’t in the player pool according to US Soccer.

Any chance we’ll see Bob Bradley fill the two coaching vacancies on the USMNT sideline? FYI, Bob-O…it’s a World Cup year…might be a good idea to have the help.

Any chance each MLS franchise will team-up with a local micro / craft brewer to spread the word about the link between the beautiful game and the beautiful beverage? This beer-and-soccer thing is starting to catch on.

Thanks, Drew!

Any chance, speaking of promotional opportunities, that soccer can get more high-profile celebrity fans in the US? Drew Carey has done a great job, but he can’t do it all. Shouldn’t Galaxy be choppering-in Megan Fox or Matt Damon for the home opener?

Any chance the USMNT will mandate that injured players must rehab with Charlie Davies to get a understanding of the power of human will and determination?

Liverpool vs Wolves and Spurs vs Fulham

Mister angry is back for Liverpool. I hope he stays but something tells me is out this summer

Mister Angry is back for Liverpool. Lets hope he stays but something tells me is off this summer

It’s over…better games tomorrow!

Please ref…end this

90:00 – Carragher wins a corner. A player of his class as a person does not deserve the humiliation of playing on this team. Corner comes to nothing but eventually Carragher sends in a shot that is about 10 feet wide. This has been Liverpool’s best chance.

87:00 – Liverpool really have no creativity right now. Its amazing. Obviously they miss Benayoun and Aquilani is just sitting on the bench. Rafa has done nothing. He needs to go. Trust me, i’m being positive.

83:00 – Wolves win a free kick in a dangerous area…oh dear…luckily hit straight at the wall

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Liverpool On The Ropes Again

Birmingham went on-top (2-1) during stoppage time of the first half on a brilliant strike…make sure you see the highlight…and here it is:

(goal around the 2:00 mark)

2nd Half
(updates added at bottom)

  • Gerrard on in the second half and knocks header off the post in the 64th minute.


    Gerrard: Not 100% but still make a difference.

    Gerrard: Not 100%, but still made a difference

  • Liverpool is playing the second half like it is stoppage time of the CL finals and they are down one goal…but can’t get the equalizer.
  • Birmingham is blocking shots like Kerri Walsh
  • Liverpool just drew a phantom PK. Nice run by the Ngog, but then he did his best Greg Louganis impression…he might get a suspension for deceiving the referee
  • Gerrard puts in the PK, 2-2
  • Liverpool pressuring again. Wins three corners in a row. Birmingham out of immediate danger, but can’t clear.
  • Another injury for Liverpool…Benayoun goes down…looks like a hammy…Babel comes on.
  • Stat of the night: Liverpool 421 completed passes, Birmingham 92 completed passes
  • Liverpool is having USMNTitis…aka trouble finishing…Gerrard, Ngog and Kuyt all can’t put it on frame from inside the area
  • Entering the 87th minute still tied a 2 goals apiece. Gerrard wins a corner, serves it in, but Ngog header is off-the-mark
  • Birmingham clearly would happy with a draw here…wasting time like it’s their job
  • Babel just dribbled through half the Birmingham squad…Liverpool has corner in the 90th, but no one wants to take it…Mascherano finally runs over but his effort is easily cleared away
  • Four minutes of stoppage time coming
  • Liverpool not doing much with their chances in stoppage time. One-minute or so to go.
  • Last chance for Liverpool…a Gerrard run goes by the wayside…and that’s the whistle.
  • “Liverpool rescued by its crippled colossus”…according to the announcer.

This match will viewed as a -2 instead of a +1 for the Reds as they pick just 1 point with a 2-2 draw verus Birmingham City.


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