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Next Stop: All Whites & Hobbitville

Cruisin' the Zealand

A quick note to the TSG community, that yours truly will be–sniffle, sniffle–on sabbatical for a few weeks recharging the batteries and spending time with the significant other.

Come Thursday evening, I’ll be New Zealand bound with my lady and camper-vanning aroud the South Island  for two weeks taking in some sights, surfing, and…! Actually, we’re going to try and get to a soccer bar for the World Cup draw.

Our TSG production schedule will be just a tad lighter, but we’ve tee’d up some guest contributors and I have some columns that we just took out of the freezer and are thawing. Don’t worry, they’re still fresh.

Have a happy, healthy and filling Thanksgiving.


P.S. Watch out for a killer piece coming this evening by our first guest contributors followed up by a cool announcement from the TSG mothership tomorrow. It’s going to be a great end of the week.


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