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Group A Match 4 – France versus Mexico


PEEEEEEP PEEEEP PEEP. Well a goals from one of the youngest and one of the fattest er oldest ensure that Mexico tie on top of the group with Uruguay. Terrible by France. Les Bleus suffering the blues.

92:00 – Domenech doesn’t care one bit. If he did he would have used his third sub. Sadly and I hate to say this but he and the whole French team is a disgrace and a disgrace to their history of fine football.

3 minutes of stoppage time

88:00 – So France still have a chance. Yes Mexico and Uruguay could play for draw but Mexico will want to avoid meeting Argentina in the second round if they do draw, so they might play for the win.

86:00 – Back to Blanco’s penalty. That was the longest run up I’ve ever seen. Am surprised he didn’t collapse from exhaustion right before he got the ball. Pin point placement though.

83:00 – France’s free kick taking is DISMAL. I can’t believe I thought they had a chance to be one of the dark horses of the tournament.

80:00 – A look of smugness on Domenech’s face.

79:00 – GOOOOOOAAAAL. BLANCO from the spot!

78:00 – PENALTY. Abidal slides and the Mexican falls over easily. As Healey says. A well won penalty. Tummi Gummi to take!

73:00 – That was poor from Gignac. The French in the final third have been utterly useless.

69:00 – Govou off, Valbuena on. Its official, Domenech is giving the Eff you to the French public and the FFF for hating him.

66:00 – This goal seems to have woken up the French but Mexico has been defending well.

64:00 – GOOOOOOOOAAAAAL . Hernandez…Chicharito! springs the offside trap, rounds the keeper and slides the ball into the empty net. Mexico 1 – France 0

62:00 – Yawns and napping here at TSG studios. BUT BUT…its TUMMI GUMMI. Franco off and Blanco on. The Mexican talisman.

59:00 – Problem with this game is that their is no good football being played. Bad passing, needless fouls and too much whistling from the ref.

57:00 – WordPress is informing me they will be making some changes to their code and will be kick me off shortly..they promise a quick return. Wish the same could be said for the game.

56:00 – This game is now becoming boring…le sigh

54:00 – Perez makes a good save from Malouda which goes out for a corner.

50:00 – Sagna’s turn to foul as he commits one about 30 yards from goal. Marquez stands over it but chips it to Dos Santos but the French defenders clear the resulting cross.

46:00 – Mexico kick it off. France immediately win a free kick but they cannot get it past the Mexican defenders.

Will we see Henry's dribbling skills in the second half?

Gignac on for Anelka for France.

PEEEEEEP PEEP. Half time at a relatively tame game.

47:00 – The free kick goes into the wall and Mexico break but Toulalan commits a professional foul and earns him a yellow and a seat on the bench against South Africa.

46:00 – Moreno makes a clean tackle on Ribery but the referee whistles for a foul

45:00 – Anelka’s turn to try a shot from long distance but its weak and straight at Perez.

43:00 – Reaching their with the bicycle/Netherlands comment Adrian!

42:00 – Govou with a shot that is blocked by Marquez’s face. OUCH

39:00 – Dos Santos receives a pass and holds it up well, spins and shoots but the shot is wide. Great stuff though from the Mexican forward.

37:00 – Foul by Marquez about 35 yards out. Ribery stands over it. Ball pings back and forth and eventually goes out for a goal kick.

33:00 – Salcido sends in a peach of a cross that Barrera doesn’t quite commit too which enables Lloris the split second he needed to get a hand on it.

31:00 -Vela off, Barrera on.

27:00 – Lloris saves from a close range toe poke as Mexico counter.

26:00 – Mexico’s defense is snuffing out any potential French attack. Much like in the first game, France find themselves the majority of the time in their opponents half but cannot impose themselves to create any danger.

23:00 – Game is pretty even midway through the first half. Mexico have had the better of chances though the French are a little more sure of themselves going forward.

20:00 – Mexico with a dangerous free kick opportunity after a foul by Evra, but Dos Santos’s shot goes straight into the wall.

13:00 – France getting many free kicks to swing into the box, yet nothing comes from any of them. That said that last one came from the training ground as a series of quick one time passes finds Ribery but the ball is behind him. He still composes and shoots but Perez palms the ball out of danger.

8:00 – A beautiful weighted ball is sent over the top to Vela but he balloons a close range shot. Hitting the target might have been easier. Great chance missed by Mexico

4:00 – First yellow card to Franco for what am not sure. Resulting free kick goes way over the bar.

3:00 – Dos Santos with a shot that hits off the post but he was offisde. Nice movement by El Tri.

2:00 – Still no Henry but at least Malouda is on!

"No one will eat with me"😦

TWEEEEEEEEET – France kicks it off

Line ups

France: Hugo Lloris, Bakary Sagna, William Gallas, Patrice Evra, Eric Abodal, Jeremy Toulalan, Abou Diaby, Florent Malouda, Frank Ribery, Sidney Govou, Nicolas Anelka

Mexico: Oscar Perez, Francisco Rodriguez, Carlos Salcido, Rafael Marquez, Ricardo Osorio, Hector Moreno, Efrain Juarez, Gerardo Torrad, Giovani Dos Santos, Guillermo Franco, Carlos Vela


Well well well…As if things couldn’t get any worse for the French, now no one is talking to Gourcuff and he is being socially isolated. So a recap.

1. Some people arn’t passing to each other cause they don’t like each other.

2. The manager was fired before the world cup but is still coaching

3. No one in France likes Domenech

4. None of the players but Gourcuff likes France

5. No one but occasionally Toulalan talks to Gourcuff.


Group A Match 1 – South Africa versus Mexico

Can "Old Man Blanco" find some magic in those boots of his?


See you in a few for France V Uruguay!

A draw is a fair result and Bafana Bafana almost pulled the victory off. A good opener that looked very one-sided at the beginning turned into a very exciting affair.


92:00 – Blanco has been very positive since his introduction. Some nice passing and effort. He might need an oxygen tank after the game though.

90:00 – WOW…that was close. Mphela runs at the defense and taps a ball past Perez but Mexico is saved by the wood work. Soccer city was would have exploded if that went in. South Africa really going for it.

89:00 – Both teams attacking at full pace now. End to end stuff but nothing troubling either keeper. 3 minutes of added time.

86:00 – Nervy last few minutes for The Boys. Can they hold on for the draw? Do they have what it takes for a win? An entire continent is on the edge of their seats!

83:00 – Great defense splitting pass by Pienaar to Modise but the Orlando Pirate striker was offside. Nice though

82:00 – Whoever dressed up Desmond Tutu has a wicked sense of humor. LOVE IT!

79:00 – GOOOOOOAL – MARQUEZ. Terrible sleepy defending by the boys as off a corner the ball is played over all the south african defenders and lands for Marquez to control it, pick his spot and bang it home. Boo’s are being heard in Nairobi (from the person gchatting nest to me). South Africa 1 – Mexico 1

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Origins: Don’t Tread On Me


I’ve never been all that enamored by the USMNT the Don’t Tread On Me slogan and rattlesnake graphic as it was launched by a Nike campaign and I believed it to be swiped from the US military. However, after reading up on its origins over at Founding Fathers I think it is a pretty apt rallying cry. Beyond the defiant nature of the slogan is the symbology of the snake which dates back before the American fight for independence.

According to Founding Fathers, “it was a plea for unity in defending the colonies during the French and Indian War. It played off a common superstition of the time: a snake that had been cut into pieces could come back to life if you  joined the section back together before sunset.” It originally appeared in a political cartoon by Ben Franklin (picture below). Such a symbol is a great fit for US Soccer. Much like the fledgling colonies, the upstart USMNT can only defend and conquer if it unites together.

Tomorrow, the eleven must play as one with the heart and determination displayed against Spain in the Confed Cup. By sunset we’ll know if the snake that was sliced and diced 17 days ago in the Meadowlands will have joined back together.

Enjoy the game, and visit us afterward for the (hopefully happy) recap.

Just in case you aren’t fired up yet…

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Did I Just Watch Wedding Crashers?…….. Mexico 5, USA 0

Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion!

I loved the first half of the movie Wedding Crashers. It was a comedic tour de force with quotable lines and great banter between the characters. Sixty minutes in you thought you were watching a potentially epic comedy. But then the movie took a drastic turn for the worse and never recovered. It went from funny and light to an obsessed John Beckwith getting beat up by Sack Lodge.

Such was the Gold Cup final for the US versus Mexico. Fifty minutes in you thought the US was playing well and a goal wasn’t too far off. Forty minutes later you were wondering how something something that started so well could end so badly.

The turning point in Wedding Crashers, much like Mexicos PK gaol.

The 54th minute of the Gold Cup final versus Mexico was akin to Jeremy Grey and John Beckwith walking down the road after they were confronted by the Cleary family. Things would never be the same after that.

I share Matt’s view of the first half –strong all-around play for the US only marred by the absence of finding the back of the net; good mix of aggression and patience while varying the method of attack. However, the penalty kick by Mexico early in the 2nd half let the air out of the US balloon. Actually, it pretty much popped the US balloon and the air came rushing out all at once (along with their fitness level?).

Was the PK the right call? In a word, NO, but I think the referee thought he had to call something with the mess of bodies in the box. From my view, Heaps stood his ground (with a little grabbing) and the Mexican player more or less launched himself through and over Heaps putting the onus on the official to make a call. It reminded my of a NBA player going strong to the rim, making contact with a bigger defender, and hoping the ref bails him out. While in basketball, its a “50/50 play,” the odds are decidedly against the defense in soccer.

After the PK it was open season for El Tri. The youth of the US squad caught up to them in a hurry as the game snowballed out of control. And, surprisingly, their fitness level came into quesiton; something I didn’t expect from a US side. Perkins did all he could, but the streaking runs of the Mexican strikers were relentless and it was only a matter of time before Mexico struck again. Simply, the US could not get organized during the run of play to stop the Mexican attack.

Hindsight is 20/20, but I’d be interested to hear what you thought Bradley could have done differently. (Kick a Mexican player? Try to convince the referee that timeouts were allowed in the Gold Cup?) I am guessing that most fans were like myself, hoping time would run out without further damage. Alas, the goals kept coming even as Mexico looked to kill the clock.

While the half was a disaster all-around, I must point out one thing, specifically, I didn’t like. In contrast to my brother, I thought the yellow cards taken by the US were horrible and embarrassing. Take a yellow to protect a teammate (re: Tim Howard’s head), but don’t pile up yellows merely out of the frustration of getting whooped, especially not one from the veteran on the field. Unnecessary fouls, be it bad tackles or finishing after the whistle, are emblematic of lack of discipline from Bob Bradley. One game would be an anomaly or even one tournament would be an anomaly, but this is back-to-back tournament with different players.

Best Play of the Game Troy Perkins point blank stop around the 60- minute mark.

Most Unheralded Play of the Game Brian Ching’s continuing to fight and steal the ball down 4-0 at the 85-minute mark.

Golden Shinguard Despite the late yellow, this one goes to Brian Ching as well. He truly was the one standout in the game who made his presence felt the full 90 minutes.


C: Bob Bradley – INCOMPLETE Took the same team from the semi-final and had them playing much better the first 50-minutes against Mexico. Bob’s job isn’t done, however. He’s got a room full of kids who just got their ass kicked. They need to hear the good, but I also hope he will directly tell the bad and what they can learn from the experience. Hence, he gets an incomplete.

G: Troy Perkins – 7 If ever a goalie could be impressive while giving up 5, that was today. Perkins stopped some point blank shots, but couldn’t win every one v. one situation he found himself in. Seemed to be in good position even on those. And the fifth goal was perfect placement by the Mexican player who squeezed the shot between two US defenders.

D: Back Four – 5 In this tale of two halves, it’s hard to give the each of the guys individual grades. So, I am taking the middle of the road on the defense as a whole. I thought Jay Heaps had some excellent challenges and clearances, but ended up with being sent off for two bad tackles. Clarence Goodson was all over the place winning headers and tracking down players, but clearly ran out of gas. Ditto for Chad Marshall along with a great tackle to stop a Mexican counter-attack deep in the area at the end of the first half. Heath Pearce again played aggressive on the overlap, but got caught pressing for goals when the US fell behind.

M: Robbie Rogers – 4 Seemed overmatched against a stronger Mexican squad. Knocked off the ball repeatedly and blasted an eight-yarder over the crossbar on the best opportunity of the day for the US.

M: Kyle Beckerman – 6 Worked tirelessly in the mid-field. Had more room to operate and create, but couldn’t get the ball on frame in three chances from just outside the area.

M: Logan Pause – 5 Seemed to be more involved than the past two games, but didn’t do much worth mentioning.

M: Stu Holden – 7 It’s nice to have a player on the squad that gets you excited when you see he is  about to take a shot, but he was wide on his one opportunity. Good service, set pieces and corners (despite having a bottle thrown at him by the “home crowd” on one of them.)

F: Brain Ching – 8 Chased down balls on long runs, tracked back inside the six to help out on defense and battled the whole way.

F: Davy Arnoud -5.5 Didn’t make the most of his chances again, but played better than in the semi-final. If the US had another game in this tournament I don’t think he would be starting.

SUB: Cooper, Quaranta and Cronin – INC


In the end, I don’t think it was as epic a loss as the announcers would have you believe, but I am disappointed by the way the US lost. This isn’t a step back for the US program as some might suggest, but they certainly missed an opportunity to step forward.


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