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Nigel De Jong’s Greatest “Hits”

When will Nigel De Jong be stopped, disciplined, put out to pasture, wear concrete shoes, etc.

• Today, another chart topper for De Jong as he went in, though somewhat legally, with a tackle that sure to injure on Newcastle’s Ben Arfa:


• Xabi Alonso gets Daniel-san’d by DeJong at the 2010 World Cup Finals:

(Terrible music if you’re a Dutch fan, but clearest picture in this clip.)



• Yank and Bolton lynchpin Stu Holden gets DeJonged–in a friendly–in March. Holden missed about two months of action with a broken leg.


• More:

The funny thing about this greatest hits compilation is that DeJong “accomplished it” in less than two years of work primarily on the road.

It’s time to write your congressman or Blatter-mouth.


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