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Swoosh: Just Ask It…Need Your Thoughts…

Hey TSG community.

Better than Gatorade?

We need your help…so that we can provide some excellent content for you, content that you actually want.

TSG was speaking with good folks just east of Cannon Beach, Oregon (or “Goonies” beach if you prefer)….that would be Nike.

No, no, no…we’re not going to get a special addition shinguard made for Stu….at least not just yet. Wait..that’s a good idea.

We were discussing kits, equipment and World Cup plans, but we halted our discussion on compelling angles for columns because we wanted to reach out to you.

What do you want to know about Nike and soccer, specifically World Cup-wise?

Want to know about production on the new jerseys? Want to know about how the new cleats stack up on South African pitches?

Let us know. You can throw some humorous questions in the commentary below, but do try and offer some original or heady ones.

Also, send this story around…..let’s get as broad a reach as possible.

….we can confirm that Wayne Rooney’s insoles will not be made with glass…actually I didn’t ask them that one.


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