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Group G game 4 – Portugal versus North Korea

Can the "People's Rooney" Bring North Korea back into this game?

PEEEEEP PEEEP PEEP. The ref blows the onslaught to an end as a 6 goal second half caps an emphatic 7 goal win for Portugal.

91:00 – I feel for the North Korean players as they very will might feel the wrath of “Dear Leader”. Portugal effectively eliminating 2 teams with this performance.

89:00 – Now that’s just mean as Tiago heads home a 7th. Great header by Taigo. Portugal 7 – North Korea 0

87:00 – GOOOOOOAAAAL. Ronaldo. His perseverance earns him the goal as Leidsen challenges the defender and the rebound comes to Ronaldo who rounds the keeper, followed by some clever accidental juggling as the ball finally lands at his feet and he slots it home. Portugal 6 – North Korea 0

82:00 – This pretty much means that Ivory Coast will be going home with North Korea, though they are not mathematically out, they can certainly rue their lazy first game against Portugal.

81:00 – GOOOOALLLLLL. LIEDSEN. The new sub hammers the ball home from the 6 yard box. Poor defending from North Korea. Portugal 5 – North Korea 0

80:00 – Game has slowed down a bit. Portugal just playing around with the ball as North Korea have lost, and understandably some of their desire.

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Group G Game 2 – Brazil versus North Korea

Has been fairly it because of the North Korean defenders or the massive weight of Matt's mancrush?

Well an entertaining game. Brazil win but the story was North Korea. Newspapers over in North Korea will say their national team played well and that is true. They will also say the goal was scored by Kim Jong Il.

Regardless Ivory Coast and especially Portugal should be worried!


91:00 – The People’s Rooney tries two shots in 90 seconds but neither trouble Cesar. N. Korea have woken up and statues of Ji Yun Nam are being erected in squares all over Pyongyang.

89:00 – GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLL. North Korea. Its Ji-Yun Nam! A long ball is controlled well and ended onto the on rushing Nam who controls and sends it screaming past Julio Cesar. A very well taken goal by N. Korea. Brazil 2 – North Korea 1.

86:00 – A long ball is sent over the Brazilian defense and picks out The People’s Rooney but a wonderful last ditch tackle by Juan takes the ball off Jong Tae-Se.

84:00 – Ramires off, Felipe Melo off. Nilmar with another chance but once again directly at Myong-Guk

83:00 – Lucio doing his best to try and get on the scores heet as he hangs out at the far post and then goes around 2 players. Unfortunately for him and the Selecao he bundles the ball and the keeper picks it up.

80:00 – Lucio charges on from the Brazilian back line, passes it and eventually Nilmar is presented with the ball and his first touch is a stinging drive but right at the keeper.

78:00 – Kaka off, Nilmar on. Kaka was unspectacular but did a great job of controlling the game.

76:00 – North Korea seem to have lost all their verve and desire they had in the first 60 minutes.

73:00 – And with that move, Elano is off and Dani Alves is on.

72:00 – AND THERE IT IS…. GOOOOOOOOAAAAL. Robinho with the pass of the tournament so far that skims through the defense and Elano one times it into the corner of the goal. Absolutely beautiful. Brazil 2 – North Korea 0

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