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Official: Oguchi Onyewu Loaned To FC Twente

In a much rumored move that is now official, US defender Oguchi Onyewu heads heads to join FC Twente on loan through the remainder of the season from AC Milan

Onyewu, 28 and coming off an injury plagued 2010, will be rejoining manager Michel Preud’homme who we last played for at Standard Leige before his Milan move that saw the defender get but one game–in the Champion’s League–for the Serie A leaders.

The Gooch Watch…officially back on at TSG.

The official release here.

Onyewu, back to his Dutch "roots"

Thursday Camp Talk & More…

#WorldCupFever! Three weeks to Redemption, South Africa!


•  A lot of centerback chatter yesterday. Should you read between the lines? TSG advises not yet. But here’s what’s been “reported.”

Steve Goff, who’s been on top of everything thus far, suggests that Eddie Johnson and Chad Marshall may be slashed from the 30 as they’ve barely got any practice. He also suggests that March 3rd pairing Jay DeMerit and Carlos Bocanegra will be the starters–cue Peter Crouch.

Then again Goff comments that Heath Pearce faces the longest odds. The challenge with that juxtaposition is if Boca goes middle, you have Bornstein on the wing and then precisely who as the back-up (Jonathan Spector, DaMarcus Beasley?). Does the USMNT go with just seven defenders (if Marshall is ailing) with a few (DeMerit, Boca, and Gooch) not being at full strength. That might be difficult.

• Meanwhile, after playing security expert yesterday, Grant Wahl is playing doctor today and suggesting that Oguchi Onyewu appears to be slightly favoring one leg in practice. That wouldn’t be a good thing, but hopefully the speculation will lead to more commentary.

Great update here from Steve Goff.

TSG is going to await the official diagnosis here.

Yesterday’s US Soccer presser:

The Gooch Watch

…TSG was just about to reach out to find out what was up with Oguchi Onyewu….or as John Harkes calls him “Onyewu Oguchi.”

Says it all...

According to Soccernet–yes Soccernet–Gooch’s knee is “close to 100 percent” and he expects to play for AC Milan in May.

From the Ocho:

“Things are going really well,” says Onyewu, whose original prognosis after the injury in the final qualifying match against Costa Rica was at least a six-month recovery period. “Everything is still ahead of schedule in terms of the whole process.”

But he adds, “We’re being very cautious.”

“I’m not going to put any deadlines on anything,” he said, “but right now, I’m fine-tuning. I’m just about ready.”


Great news for Bob Bradley’s complicated puzzle.

Elephant In The Room & It’s Not Gooch, DeMerit

What’s the word Bob Bradley? We know you see it.

One of Bob's key problems to figure out....

Is Omar Gonzalez or Brandon McDonald a sign that you don’t believe Oguchi Onyewu will ready despite reports–is it telling that you have 5 central defenders in camp? How much of a factor for South Africa is rooted-to-Columbus defender Chad Marshall?

The notion of a balking backline has been creeping in all of qualification. The signal grew louder August 12th in Mexico. In Trinidad & Tobago, even louder and to a crescendo October 14th in RFK.

Tim Howard added insult to questionable performance with a mic’d up, “Every f%^king time!” howl that wasn’t personally directed, but could have been.

While both Oguchi Onyewu and Jay DeMerit were bit by the injury bug, the biggest question that TSG has is “Does Carlos Bocanegra have a spot in the starting back line in South Africa? And if so, where is it?”

This is Part of I of II where the Shinguardian will dissect Boca’s role in defense….Part I today is central defense; next will be at wingback.

Captain America: Riding out a rough patch for club and country....

The fan in us has some serious trouble even contemplating that statement above, the analyst must ask the question.

Captain Integrity Bocanegra did not factor for his club team, Rennes, in December.

Stades Rennes seems to have went younger by reshuffling their backline. Rennes has inserted Senegalese big man Abdou Kader Mangane in their central defense, moving French nattie player Rod Fanni (that’s an unfortunate name, no?) out to rightback, pushing right back Romaine Danze out to leftback. Boca hasn’t had a whiff of the pitch.

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The Beautiful Game: Onyewu Laces Up, Saves Lives

TSG’s The Beautiful Game series explores how soccer makes a difference around the globe.

USMNT’s own Oguchi Onyewu appeared on Good Morning America today to promote the partnership forged by Nike and (RED) to fight AIDS in Africa. His appearance and the launch of the Lace Up. Save Lives. campaign coincided with World AIDS Day. In addition to Gooch’s support of the initiative, players from around the world are supporting the campaign including fellow USMNTer Clint Dempsey.

The video of the appearance can be seen here: Oguchi Onyewu on GMA.

Be sure to watch to the end of the video as host Robin Roberts asks Gooch about his prospects of playing in the World Cup this coming summer. The best that can be said about Onyewu’s multi-part response is that he is (very) cautiously optimistic as he states, “I am confident that hopefully I will get the opportunity [to play in the World Cup].”

(RED) is an idea and “a business model created to raise awareness and money for the Global Fund by teaming up with the world’s most iconic brands to produce (PRODUCT) RED branded products. A portion of profits from each (PRODUCT) RED product sold goes directly to the Global Fund to invest in African AIDS programs, with a focus on women and children.”

(RED)’s partnership with Nike produced a pair of red shoe laces for Nike to sell to support the cause. According to Nike, “One hundred percent of the profits from (NIKE)RED laces will be split equally between The Global Fund…which funds AIDS programs…and football-based community initiatives that deliver education and understanding around HIV/AIDS prevention.”

As soccer is truly the global game it has the ability to make an impact in all corners of the world on a variety of issues including homelessness, education, disability and now AIDS. Yet another reason to love this game.

Best American Soccer Player In The Universe

As part of the US Soccer’s Best of 2009 Awards, the finalists for Male Athlete Of Year were announced earlier this week.

First, TSG thinks its title for the award sounds much more exciting…see above.

But, without further adeu, the five finalists for the award are:

Michael Bradley…he of the two goals versus Mexico in February and the right place-right-time goal versus Costa Rica in October.

Landon Donovan…he of the truckload of awards (MLS MVP, Honda Player of the Year), assists and all-around stellar play for the USMNT in 2009.

Clint Dempsey…he of the Bronze Ball at the Confederations Cup, brilliant header at Rio Tinto and the current run of 5 goals in 5 matches for Fulham.

Tim Howard…he of the magnificent saves while frequently getting bombarded by shots for both the USMNT and Everton.

Oguchi Onyewu…he of the stalwart central defense, great work with his dome and transfer to AC Milan.

The five 2009 finalists represent 5 of the past 6 winners of the award — Donovan in 2003 and 2004, Onyewu in 2006, Dempsey in 2007 and Howard in 2008

According to US Soccer:

The finalists for each award were nominated on the basis of: a) competing and excelling at the highest level (both at the national team and professional level) during the calendar year; b) exhibiting decorum on and off the field that reflects well on U.S. Soccer; and c) contributing toward the growth, development, credibility and popularization of soccer in the USA.

Unlike the Honda Player of the Year this award is based on play for both the national teams and club teams.

Another piece of hardware for Donovan's already crowded 2009 trophy case?

With all of his accolades and press this year, one would expect Landon Donovan to take this one in a walk. The criteria of club play adds an interesting wrinkle as Donovan clearly isn’t “competing and excelling at the highest level” playing his club ball stateside. However, Lando has been the best performer on the national team this year.

Weighing club play more heavily…

Clint Dempsey should get a boost in his bid for the award as a regular starter and current dangerous striker for Fulham in the EPL. Tim Howard and Oguchi Onyewu had stellar first halves of 2009 for Everton and Standard Liège, respectively. However, Howard has had a statistically poor ’09-’10 campaign behind a suspect Toffee defense while Onyewu’s much ballyhooed transfer to AC Milan resulted in little playing time before his October injury.

I’ll let you folks can chime in on who has or has not been true to criteria “b” above. And of the five finalists, Onyewu probably comes out on top for criteria “c”  as his transfer to AC Milan from Standard Liège was viewed and celebrated as a big step forward for American soccer, regardless of his lack of playing time.

The winner will be crowned through voting by fans on US (50%) and media members and US Soccer representatives (collectively, 50%). One can assume that Bob-O can’t vote for Junior, right?

Who are you guys voting for?

Fan voting will be open through December 13th along with all of the Best of 2009 awards, like Best Soccer Blog. (hint…hint.)

“How can i love one woman when i’m in love with 11 men”…

Always singing when you're winning

So I’m a Liverpool fan. For most of my life things have been pretty good. In the early years, they were winning the League, the FA Cup, European cup and the Milk cup (Carling cup). I loved my team but I was too young to be completely overwhelmed by wins or losses. Sure I was disappointed when they lost games but I got over it pretty quickly.

Internationally things were different. I’m English but I grew up in Switzerland and like a lot of kids those days my footballing heart was with Brazil. Their 82 and 86 teams were amazing. They boasted world class players like Zico, Falcao, Socrates, Careca etc… and were a pleasure to watch. Their 82 team is often considered the greatest team never to win the WC. They all came back in 86, seasoned, wiser and favored to win. I was 100% on their bandwagon though now my allegiance to my country of birth was playing a greater role. My ultimate dream/nightmare was for England to meet Brazil in the final. Obviously I would root for Brazil but I was fine with an England win. England as you may or may not know were divinely eliminated in the quarters by the “hand of god” (admittedly his second goal was pure class) and Brazil were eliminated by France, a day earlier, in one of the greatest matches ever played. They say no team deserved to lose that game and the footballing spectacle was one for the ages. It came down to penalties and when it was over I was in shambles. It was up until then the hardest and saddest two days of my life.

It was the first time a non parental scolding or physical injury brought me to tears. I was so invested in the Selecao, followed them with such passion that their premature exit from the WC was something that I couldn’t understand, I couldn’t grasp that it was just a game and everything would be ok…my life as I knew it was in ruins.

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