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A Different Breed: Hideous Keeper Kits

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Editor’s Note: Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr Clint Dempsey. Your scorpion kick attempt on Wednesday night brought us back to a piece we did nearly two years ago. Much less than seven degrees of separation brought us to the infamous “scorpion kicker” Rene Higuita…and the hideous keeper kits he and his between-the-pipes clan wear.


Tony Meola, the fifth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Tony Meola, the fifth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

It is often said that soccer goalkeepers are a different breed. One way in which they stand-out from the crowd is by the “unique” kits they don on the pitch relative to their teammates. And “unique” can sometimes mean strange or just plain ugly.

I was reminded of this after watching the Chris Kirkland clad in all white (including a cap) let in five versus Manchester United on Saturday. Kirkland had no forehand, no backhand and certainly no style.

Then I was cued again while watching a giant leprechaun or Brad Friedel if you prefer play splendidly in yesterday’s upset of Liverpool. So, I thought I spend some time scouring the net for the most “unique” kits I could find.

A different breed, indeed.

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