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Shaun Omniscient? Dreaded Vote of Confidence

Update: It looks like Matthew is temporarily more omniscient than Shaun. A statement on Hull City’s official web site states Phil Brown is still the Tigers manager. USA 1, Switzerland (Shaun) 0. Thanks Patrick as well for the link in the comments.


It looks like Shaun (our TSG game commentary aficionado) was right and I was categorically wrong….


Phil better times

ESPN Soccernet with Harry Harris is reporting that Phil Brown has quote “left the club” and departed the stadium today. Shaun pointed out yesterday that the “dreaded vote of confidence” issued by Hull chairman Paul Duffen was certain to expel Brown from the Tigers.

Since I’ve tracked Hull since their promotion last year when they blasted onto the scene and we’re a top 5 team through October (anyone else remember Geovanni’s stunning goal past Almunia at the Emirates?) I’m going to be updating this piece today. I just find it tough that the manager than led them up the ranks since 2007 and staved off elimination last year would be out so quickly.

Let’s not pontificate yet if this has happened or what happens with JZA.


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