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Ten Minutes With Brian Carroll

It seemed even last year that the Philly Union wanted Brian Carroll to come their way...

Best thing we can do as a media outlet, is to provide a bridge between the fans and the players. We’ve inventoried the interview requests that you’ve made to TSG and we’re working our way through them.

First up, Brian Carroll of the Philly Union. Billy Myers of Philadelphia Union supporter group, Sons of Ben, reached out to us and kept pestering hounding us–per TSG’s request–to reach out to Brian when the Union gobbled him up in the Columbus Crew “out with the old, in with the old” fire sale.

We got 10 minutes with Brian on the first day of training camp and both agreed it would be good to get in touch when he had a more perspective on the Union and his teammates after the season had put a month or two in the books.

Brian Carroll, physical complete, now member of the Union pitch staff, position…central clean-up Crew.

TSG: The reason the interview came up is I had a member of the Sons of Ben request it actually. At TSG we’re just a conduit to the fans really. Anything you have to say to Sons of Ben or the entire Philly Union fanbase? Any request for a specific cheer? SOB…what do you want to say to them…request for a specific che

Step 1: Get team, Step 2: Dale O, Dale O, Dale O, Dale O

Brian Carroll: Thank you for providing just an incredible atmosphere to play in. The stadium was truly great to come and visit with the atmosphere they created last year and I’m really looking forward to playing in front of them this eyar.

TSG: Okay, second question. This your second go-around with Peter Nowak. Are his training camps as intense as…as he is as a person?

BC: I think he just has a certain style that he likes to employ to get the best out of each and every one of his players. I don’t mind how rigorous or how much running his training camps have.

As long as he’s going to make me a better player….at the end of the day he’s just trying to improve the team and the individual.  And whatever way he does that, whatever way his style is, I look forward to that.

TSG: Any specific ways he improved you as a player?

BC: Well, I think the way he trains his squad creates a lot of competition which brings a lot of sharpness everyday.

The fitness level that he creates with his team from player one all the way down to the bottom, has them the most fit they can be and it’s usually more fit than other teams.

Just skill and tactics that he employes for the formations he wants to play, put the overall team in the best position to get a result and that’s what you takeaway.

TSG: Have you discussed your role on the team this year? Will you be playing your customary midfield position?

BC: You know we’re just getting underway here. We’re literally at physicals.

I haven’t spoken with Peter in terms of role on the team, or what the specific plan is for me involved in the team.

I’m just excited to be here and be under Peter and look forward to the challenges of the season.

Literally just getting into the playoffs.

TSG: What’s a realistic barometer for the Union. The playoffs?

BC: Well we would be shooting for the playoffs and the when we get in, anything can happen.

Called on by Nowak's mentor, Bob Bradley...

TSG: Okay, you’re a veteran and coming into a younger team. How do you employ leadership if you’re a veteran but new to a team? It’s seems sort of like the role Bob Bradley asked you to play recently for the US against South Africa in South Africa.

BC: Well the trip to South Africa was tremendous. First, it was an opportunity to see a part of the world that I’ve never been to.

Going into that situation it was a little different being one of the older guys, having some experience around me and being asked primarily to solidify the middle of the field.

But coming in here to Philly and bringing the experience I ‘ve been able to gather over the past eight seasons….it’s a little broader and I hoping over the course of the season that will transition to others and into points to get us into the playoffs.

TSG: Biggest rivalry for the Union in your perspective? United or the Red Bulls?

BC: I think really it’s both. The proximity to each of them inherently creates a good solid rivalry or rivalries.

Being literally the 1st day here in Philadelphia, I’m going to have to wait on that one.

I’m not sure how they were created last year, but I’m sure they’re both pretty big.

TSG: Any issue wearing the Bimbo sponsored shirt?

BC: I’ve only seen the jersey. I think it looks great and we’re really happy to be partnering with them.

They have a good history with other team sponsorships, especially in the Mexican leagues.

TSG: Are you going to try to convince Danny Mwanga to play for the US?

BC: [chuckles] I think for Danny…well, in a sense, it’s everyone’s individual decision. I’m sure thinking about the things that can be brought by playing for the United States and their advantages speaks for itself.

If that’s the decision and the way he decides to go, then that’d be great.

TSG: Did you get your brothers any Union jerseys? (Brian’s two brothers played for DC United)

BC: [chuckles] No, I have not yet. I haven’t even tried on the shirt yet or figured out my size, but I’m sure when things get settled I’m going to pick up some jerseys for them and the rest of the family.

TSG: Well our time’s up unfortunately. Loved to be able to get back in touch after a few weeks of games are in the books. Thanks for your time Brian.

BC: Sure, set it up.

Brian Carroll, Philly’s savvy new addition.


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