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The Jumble: Roundtable, Ref Respect & More

Just seemed like a good image for this one...

TSG is back with the Jumble!

…and this time we brought friends…

We’re going to do a little roundtable with some TSG commentators and some folks that write around the Internet and we’re going to separate it into three parts, one today and two tomorrow. Wow!

Beautiful. Let’s get going.

• Hoping the prognosis is “Africa” for Charlie Davies elbow surgery yesterday.

• A solid performance against Chelsea for Big Jeezy.

Donovan: Building a bigger name in Toffeetown

Lanverton earning his keep at Goodison.

Beyond USMNTers getting valuable minutes in the highest possible league.

Beyond learning about the opposition in first person.

Consider this….

Make your name in the EPL this season Mr. Altidore and Mr. Donovan and push your name further Mr. Dempsey and when you waltz on to the international stage on the south side later this year, you’ll have a much better standing, not quite a LeBron James treatment, but a better standing….with the refs.

Don’t thing stature and “brand equity” make a difference? Maybe ask the Ireland national team, or England after Ronaldo complained in 2006, or Diego “Come hug me, or the referee isn’t going to allow it” Maradona.

• Player affairs and DaMarcus Beasley’s car getting bombed? Soap Opera Week for the Yanks. TSG will follow-up on the racial overtones this year for Rangers…hopefully it’s not linked to the Beasley car incident.

And no without further ado I give you our commentator card game:

He’s a Newhouse student from Syracuse (my alma mater rock’on!…and the alma mater of Mike Tirico, Ian Eagle, Dick Stockton and others) and is kick-starting a blog on the Philadelphia Union. He may be a senior or a freshman, but  either ways he’s welcome. Howdy, Kevin Morris of C. Horridus, a blog on the Philadelphia Union.

He’s been a frequent contributor since the beginning and favors obscure reference to Brazilian blogs focused exclusively on the 3-5-2 formation. He coined the nickname Mr. Clean for Conor Casey and please don’t call Clint Dempsey a striker in front of him. We’ve been trying to get him to write outside of the comment section for a very, very, very long time, from our nation’s capital, “Tuesday.”

He writes the “The Yanks Are Coming” blog, but is headed to Teach for America in the land of James Booker, Irvin Mayfield Jr, and Bourbon St. He’s also a grad student in journalism at the University of Florida. Daniel Seco…..and posse…setting the screens and driving and dishing to Seco is the rest of the team at TYAC (…can I call them that?), Jon Levy a radio professional from South Florida and Doug Beard, a musical composer from Boca Raton. Love it…we sent a simple email and we got a team effort. Thanks boys.

The aforementioned triumvirate will now be referenced in this article as Team Seco.

…and then there is a little bit of Mark and I….let’s get going:

1. (USMNT) Beyond Jozy Altidore, the USMNT is likely going to need a knockaround guy up top for the post-up game. It’s likely Conor Casey. But should Brian Ching get the nod? Should we forget about both of those options and go with something else….if so, who or what?

The New Mr. Clean

Tuesday: It’s Mr. Clean himself, Conor Casey.

Otherwise we’re quite thin in attack and there’s a serious gap between Altidore and Davies and the rest.

Despite Casey’s lacklustre Confederations Cup performances at least you know he’s on the pitch, rumbling around like a cement mixer.

Brian Ching finally played himself off the team in Mexico City after a slow, painful decline at the international level. Along with Cunningham and Findley, other options that could possibly re-enter the mix include Kenny “Argyle” Cooper and Eddie “The Greek” Johnson, who would really have to start knocking them in to get Bob’s attention at this point.

Kevin: I like Brian Ching but I just think he’s in over his head at the international level.

Same goes for Conor Casey. To be honest, if Eddie Johnson keeps scoring goals I wouldn’t mind seeing him get called up. I know he’s inconsistent and can be very frustrating to watch, but if he can enter into a patch of confidence for  the World Cup he could be very effective–he does still have that world class speed, after all. He might not be so useful against a team like England, but against Algeria or Slovenia he could provide that extra little spark that we miss without Davies.

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