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Soccer in America: “Soccer” or “Football”

As I alluded to in an earlier post, I have decided to call the wonderful sport this blog is about “soccer,” not “football.” This is for two reasons.

1) I am a realist who enjoys simplicity. While we write for all audiences we are talking primarily about the game as it relates to the Unites States. In America there is and will only be one sport considered “football” and that is played with shoulder pads and a helmet. The modifier “American” in front won’t even fly for the NFL-style version and there is no equivalent modifier for the game that is actually played with your feet. So, why fight it?

2) I’d rather focus on the game, not the name. Attempting to call it “football” in America wastes time. Sportcasters and fans alike end up debating the name rather than discussing the play on the pitch. And there is really no need to unnecessarily bring the 800lb gorilla of American sports into the conversation when you are attempting to promote the oft (wrongly) maligned game of soccer.

It is not out of any disrespect for The Beautiful Game (or of the billions of fans around the globe that know it as “football”) that I refer to it as “soccer.” Rather it is out of a desire to help the game establish it’s own identity in America.


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