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Updates On Bolton’s Stu Holden

• Holden re-ups with Bolton through 2013. Good move for the 25-year-old who has more than solidified his starting spot. I smell a captaincy in a year or so.

• Bolton manager Owen Coyle on Holden getting beat by Michael Owen for a score that allowed Man United to draw Bolton last weekend:

“He’s feeling a little hard done by because of that, but I can’t complain too much because Stuart has been magnificent for me since day one.”

• U.S. Soccer interviews Stu…

…who looks like he’s in a dorm room or something.

Here you go.

Stu Holden: Now Operating On All Cylinders

The Shin Guardian got about five minutes to speak with Stu Holden upon his return to the United States from Manchester on Wednesday.

Here’s what the prospective World Cup player had to say.

TSG: Stu, thanks for the time. How are you?

Holden: "I feel I'm back to full fitness."

Stu Holden: I’m good. Back in Houston, relaxing a little bit.

TSG: Been a pretty hectic few weeks for you?

SH: Yeah…towards the end of my rehab now. I was just making sure I got back healthy. I’ve been training for the last three or so weeks.

I’m feeling really good. Now it’s just time to see the family, relax a little bit, but still maintain fitness.

But I’m looking forward to camp on Saturday.

TSG: We’ll be brief because I know you have a jammed schedule.

First, congratulations on the selection. You came on swiftly after your Gold Cup exploits.

What’s the first thing you did when you learned you were selected for “the 30?”

SH: I was actually flying overseas. It was of course nice to be selected for the 30. Obviously, it’s only half the battle.

Now you have to go into camp, prepare yourself,  prove your fit and worthy of a spot on the plane to South Africa.

It’s obviously a good feeling to be part of the initial group, but now the real work starts on Saturday in Princeton.

TSG: How was the message delivered to you? Did you just get an email or did one of the coaches talk to you?

SH: Well, we get emails from the head manager of US Soccer.

Every time you get that email, even if you are expecting the call or not, it still feels like the first time.

It’s a great feeling when you open the email and it tells you “Congratulations, You’ve been selected…”

Now I just can’t wait to get started.

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Some USMNT Thoughts For Tuesday

Some States bullets for Tuesday:

That's rightback Jonathan Spector

• I’m not sure why media and fans continue to insist that Jonathan Spector is a viable option at left back for the Yanks. Spector is having a rough go of it right now at West Ham, but in his defense the entire West Ham defense is not that solid.

Since 2008, Specs owns 14 USMNT caps. Twelve times he’s been at right back…the other two? Center back. Gotta look somewhere else for your left back option.

• As questions continue on whether Herculez Gomez or Edson Buddle should be called, remember that Jeff Cunningham was called after not participating in the national team in 5 years and at the age of 33.

• Speaking of USMNT strikers, a Hull City message board claim states that Jozy Altidore–in what is a totally believable instance for us–returned a tweet to a Tigers supporter that commented, “thank you for your continued support, but unfortunately i was only on loan for this season and the club have not informed me about staying, i will go back to my parent club. once again sorry for Saturday.”

Check out the thread here.

In our piece yesterday on Jozy’s relocation package, TSG commenter Freegle pointed out West Hammerville was an option to which I replied that a certain Carlton Cole was the key to any move there. If you read our piece, check this story on Cole’s possible relocation. Seems like the TSG community is on the right track….and West Ham could be a possible option for the Big Jeezy.

713 to 154. Minutes. Since the March friendly, World Cup wing candidates Alejandro Bedoya (high man) and DaMarcus Beasley (low man) have gone in opposite direction. Excluding stoppage time, Aljeandro Bedoya has featured in all but 7 minutes of Orebro’s 8-game season thus far.

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Stu Holden, Blowing Up

Congrats to the USMNTer and former Dynamo man Stu Holden who announced today an endorsement deal with Nike and the LIVESTRONG brand.

Nice job Stu! Get back out there soon.


Holden: The next USMNT ambassador

Stu Holden Finally Revving Up The Engine?

Hey Stu, we need an action shot in that jersey....

Rumors–well they can’t really be called rumors when they emanate from the official site, can they–abound that relegation-threatened Bolton are going to trot out the pride of the Houston Dynamo, Stu Holden in tomorrow’s FA Cup clash with Tottenham. Owen Coyle suggesting he’s focused exclusively on the Premiership (not a bad idea.)

Here’s some thoughts from the Bolton faithful on their boards.

Looking forward to the Iceman getting some run before taking DeJong, Kuyt and company.

And what’s with Stu not having a picture up on his Bolton profile or a position labeled…..Wilshere and Weiss have one. (Clark, you have to get on that…)

And one from the archives:

02/02 – TSG’s commentator KL’s take on the “State of the Bolton midfield..“…keep pushing Stuie.

Guest Post: European Pie in the Sky

TSG commenter and writer of Ninety Plus Connor Walsh contributed the following piece about US players heading overseas in a World Cup year.

McBride found success on both sides of the pond.

Every American soccer player wants a piece of it; many Americans have tried and failed in Europe’s frying pan, unable to compete, adapt, or otherwise acclimatize themselves to it.

In a World Cup year, is the added benefit of European training and the much larger stage that comes with it, a risk worth taking when a World Cup roster spot is at stake?

Major League Soccer has taken great strides in the last few years in terms of level of play, but no argument can be made when compared to it’s quality versus the majority of European Leagues. Regardless of how hard it may be for anyone to break into a top Euro side, Americans are received overseas with a certain stigma.

Only a few Americans over the years have achieved success in Europe and even then it’s moderate success at that.  Clint Dempsey, Oguchi Onyewu, Brian McBride, Carlos Bocanegra, and Steve Cherundolo are the few names that come to mind.

The rewards for jumping ship to Europe are obvious. First, there is the pay.

The average pay in the Barclays Premier League in 2009 was $1.8 million/year.  The average pay in MLS did increase 12 percent to $129,395/year in 2008, but 119 players in MLS made the league minimum of $33,000/year or less (development players).  The large disparity in MLS wages also makes that number look much larger than it really is.  David Beckham makes the most of any player in MLS at $6.5 million/year guaranteed, but up and coming US star Stuart “Iceman” Holden of the Houston Dynamo made a paltry $34,728.75 in 2009.

Contrast that with Clint Dempsey, who is rumored to make around $36,865.71 per week staring for Fulham in the Premier League.  The gap is that big.

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Quick Note: Stu Officially Bolton

Holden news..Davies major news...giddy-up!

The official release should come either this evening or first thing tomorrow

Stu Holden officially a Bolton Wanderer through 2010.

With the Charlie news, the Gooch news, Kenny Cooper donning the light blue for 1860, heck even the Brad Davis and Alejandro Bedoya news from Saturday, it’s a little upswing for the U.S.

The official release courtesy of courtesy of the Haptonstall Group and

Stuart Holden today signed a contract to play with the Bolton Wanderers of the English Premier League through the end of the 2009-10 season.

“I am very happy to have the chance to play for Bolton in one of the greatest leagues in the world,” Holden said. “It is exciting to have this type of opportunity and I’m looking forward to being a Bolton Wanderer.”

Holden, 24, spent the past four seasons with the Houston Dynamo of Major League Soccer during a time in which the team twice won the MLS Cup (2006 & 2007). As a regular starter at attacking central midfield for the Dynamo in 2009, Holden recorded six goals and four assists. His five game-winning goals were the most in the MLS.

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