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Holden To Follow Coyle to Bolton?

Here’s what we know:

Update: now, through second hand reporting, that Holden is set for Bolton trials.

Discussion in the Wanderers’ message forum about about Holden’s position and use at Bolton.

Who will he be kicking for?

• Owen Coyle’s compensation has been agreed for and he’s now over at Bolton. He’s taken nearly all of his staff with him including his scout director. This is important as it is typically the manager who first requests, solicits and then reviews players on trial. Rumors at this point link Holden to Bolton which makes sense, but nothing is substantiated as yet. The Daily Mirror as we know is the US Weekly of English soccer.

• Keep a lookout for where Arsenal wonder kid Jack Wilshire does. Wilshire, who has a similar game to Holden, has been  rumored target of Burnely for over a month now. Wilshire and Holden for trial review would be redundant. As of publication, Wilshire has not been loaned out of Arsenal.

• Holden was not in a Burnley reserve squad game that was canceled this past Wednesday at Sunderland. Further, the reserves have not played since November of 2009 and the forthcoming reserve game against Everton on Tuesday January 12th has been cancelled–so no information there. A continuing point here in that over his three year tenure at Burnley, Coyle only attended two reserve games….so maybe Stu wasn’t earmarked for the reserves as most trials are to start.

A side note, with Anton Peterlin and Cody Arnoux in the reserves at Everton that could have been a “cool” angle to a story.

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