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Gulati: Emphatic Words, Wrong Tone?

TSG is usually not one to comment secondarily on reporting.

In this case, we’ll make an exception.

Gulati on missed opportunities...

Multiple news outlets this morning attributed the following quotes to Sunil Gulati in a press conference earlier today.

The first, on the Yanks missed chance to advance versus Ghana and what it means for the great good of “US Soccer:”

“It is also a missed opportunity to stay in the American public’s eyes for another four, five six days, maybe 10 days, when interest is at an all-time high. I have no doubt there will be people still watching at bars at strange times, the TV ratings will still be good, but what the ratings might have been for a quarterfinal game or dreaming beyond that. We clearly caught something in the last few weeks that we haven’t seen before. The job is to try to hold on to some part of that.”

The second paraphrased:

The USA has no plans to participate in the 2011 Copa America in Argentina.

The third:

“I think it ultimately comes down to players,” he said. “The expectations have to be realistic. The players that are representing the U.S. are not players at Arsenal and Inter and Real Madrid and Barcelona and Chelsea and Manchester United and so on. The players we were playing against in some of these situations are.”

To this writer, these three statements should be reviewed.

Let’s address the first two together.

On the surface, “marketing” is very simple. It’s about three things: Positivity of “signal” (“Landon Donovan scores the game winner against Algeria”), Strength of “signal” (The US were robbed versus Slovenia–more newspapers cried injustice than ever before) and Frequency  of “signal” (The more games played at the World Cup level the better.)

While I sympathize with Gulati’s statement about the greater–and casual–public watching another Yanks’ match in the quarters–the positivity and strength of the signal would have been there–I think Gulati is certainly taking the wrong tone here in that commentary.

It’s quite an illusion to think that one mere additional game of the World Cup will almost in and of itself spur soccer on and send a message of pity thereafter.

To follow, the best way to reinforce the mostly positive signal that came out of South Africa is to play more high value tournaments within a short period of the World Cup’s close. That’s “frequency.”

Mexico and Japan join host Argentina at the 2011 Copa America. If I’m managing the United States–and rumors are the Yanks weren’t invited because they sent more of a “B” or even “C” squad back in 2007–I’m finding a way into that tournament that runs from during the same timing at the Gold Cup to face the same quality brand competition that enticed US fans during the World Cup.

Think about, what if Argentina wins the World Cup?

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Jumblin: Bob Bradley, Victory or Pink Slip?

And rounding up our roundtable Jumble with a question on none other Coach Sweatpants.

A huge thank you to all our participants who contributed.

85 days until evaluation...

The $25,000 question:  Will Bob Bradley be the coach of the USMNT in September 2010?

Michelot, Ligue1Talk: Definitely. He is the only one who knows the pool of players that well. Players trust him and his leadership. He’s seemingly also already started testing new players (Bedoya, etc…) for the future. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Euro assistant coach for fresh ideas. Queiroz come back!

GeorgeCross: No.  I think he will get his key decision making wrong, i.e. tactics, formations and he doesn’t possess the nous to make *timely* game changing substitutions.  I can see the USA getting to the Last 16, but getting comprehensively beaten by Serbia (Group D winners).

Roger, Hillcrest Blog: Yes.

Arbogast, Notre Dame: I don’t think the US is going to advance out of the first round (England and Algeria go through), so my answer is no. Bradley has done some good things, but let’s not forget how lucky the US was to advance out of group play last summer. Too conservative. Too many injuries. I just don’t see it happening.

Shoaff, Black Sox: It’s all down to results. No points for effort. A first round exit and he’s got to go; get beyond the second round and he’s earned another 4 years.  A respectable second round loss to Germany and Gulati will have a difficult decision.  My take: the Yanks do enough for Bradley to keep his job.

McKee, “Spectator-Capped”:

Simply boils down to 2 factors.:


  • Group Stage washout: fired
  • Through Groups/ugly Round of 16: 50/50
  • Good Round of 16/ better: bigger corner office, new sweats.

Viable/Attainable alternatives:

  • True upgrade – international experience
  • Knows US players: can relate/motivate
  • Will USSF pony the Euros?

Sunil, “Dozy,” and Where in the World is Malawi?

Start your morning off right…as in grab a Blue Bottle coffee and realize David Beckham is a non-story.

P.S. TSG is feeling a little snippy this morning–like about the 2:30 mark of this clip here:

♦ TSG has just requested a Sunil Gulati interview, but the New York Times has a Q&A with the Soccerman-in-Chief this morning. You can be sure

that we won’t let him off the hook on the Honduran media rights issue like Jack Bell did.


SG: Let us explain how watching a USMNT match is not just about economics...

♦ We’re getting ahead of ourselves, but which Danish Superliga American slots in next to Boca in Danishland on November 18th: Michael Parkhurst or Danny Califf….or is it Chad Marshall with Califf and Parkhurt deputizing? We say Coach B throws a roster invite out to Parkhurst first. Your thoughts?

♦ Too funny: Jozy, or “Dozy” as the English press is calling him, will be the player focused in the Q&A in the November issue of ‘City’, the Official Hull City monthly rag. The Q&A was “recorded” one day before JZA slept through and past warm-ups against Portsmouth.

Meanwhile, Skipper Phil Brown has challenged Jozy to “earn a spot” assuring JZA that his disciplinary stain can be wiped clean. We don’t often call out bloggers at TSG, but please disregard severely erroneous and sensational “reporting” elsewhere–Altidore’s days are “not numbered.” He’s on loan for a year, he’s 19, he’s cheap and he was brought to the Tigers at the behest of Brown.

Likewise, reports of Brown’s demise–as we commented a few weeks back (final paragraph)–are greatly exaggerated with a vote of confidence from none other than Paul Duffen, Hull City’s chairman.

♦ Next up for the American U-17 squad in group play is Malawi, who succumbed to the United Arab Emirates 2-0 on Monday. We know absolutely zero about the U-17 Malawi squad and we’re okay about this. See our review of the Spain match here.

♦ Well fresh off our “Ten National Team Trades We’d Like To See” column, it looks like one of the “players” in trade #6 (Sweden-Argentina) might be moving, in well, real life. Sergio Aguero London bound? Are Chelsea prepared to offer $42 million reasons for the  21-year-old La Liga to relocate in January?


Sifting Through Muck: Honduras WCQ TV Rights

This piece is hopefully just Part 1 in the series.

Just like you were, TSG was extremely frustrated by the recent news that the USMNT would not be playing on an easily clickable channel come October 10th. Should the game still be played in Honduras, TSG and all the rest of the USMNT fans are currently on the outside looking in.

Is that a beer stain on the screen or is it just blurry?

Is that a beer stain on the screen or is it just blurry?

So we decided to do a little sleuthing, a little digging and ended up with mostly a lot of head scratching.

One thing this situation is *not* is unique. Apparently, the English vs. Ukraine Cup qualifier is also suspended in it’s own dilemna with the only option to watch the game currently being the world wide web-o-sphere for a cost per feed. Across message boards and blogs overseas it has been “reported” that a figure of $1.3M for the rights to the event was rejected. You can be sure if a $1.3M price tag is too high for the Three Lions then, anything approaching $1M for the U.S. should also be out of range.

Here is the litany of players and peripheral players we reached out to try and get a better understanding of the media situation over here:

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