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Re-Publish: Turkish Delight

When in Istanbul.

A few years ago, in an effort to find myself, I quit my job and decided to work for myself; so that I could travel the world. Leaving potential clients hanging in the wind, skipping town in the beginning of a relationship (that ultimately failed), and avoiding general responsibilities wasn’t the best idea, but I was youngish and stupid!

My travels took me to Istanbul, Turkey and as a huge soccer fan, I had to go to a couple of games. My goal was to watch a game at the famed Ali Sami Yen stadium, where Galatasaray play. I had read stories and seen pictures of manic fans wielding cutlasses with fires a blazing behind them, and I wanted to see this for myself. Sadly, the only game they were scheduled to play during my time there, was a Champions League game against Bordeaux at the Olympic Stadium (where Liverpool won in 05 in a thriller against AC Milan), as Ali Sami Yen was deemed too small to host a Champions League match.

European side of Istanbul, taken from the Asian side docks.

Below are my experiences at a Super Lig game and at the Champions League group game.

Fenerbache vs Antalyaspor
Around 6pm, I proceeded to buy a ticket to Kadikoy which is on the Asian side of Istanbul. I still can’t get over the fact that I went from Europe to Asia in 20 minutes to watch a football game, but there you are. According to the website the game was supposed to start at 8pm, so I wanted to get there early and take some pics of the more fanatical fans. I expected the boat to be full of Fenerbache fans in their blue and yellow striped jerseys, but surprisingly they weren’t…more on that in a bit.

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