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The Effects Of A Concussion….Story

Twellman having an impact beyond the field...

The Taylor Twellman Interview: Part I, Part II

With permission from Eastside FC in Washington State, it was great to be able to repost the below post from their blog and a credit again to Taylor Twellman for sharing his story so that others can be motivated to be preventative.



Here’s an eye-opening interview with Taylor Twellman of the New England Revolution by The Shin Guardian yesterday.  He talks about the impact of concussions that led to his retirement.  It’s a sobering read.

Thanks to Coach Ryan Dortch for sending it along….

It sparked the following message from Director of Coaching Chance Fry to all our coaches.  Coincidentally we had a training session on concussions last night.  Chance’s email reflects the club’s position on concussions and playing soccer.

Dear Coaches,

It was great to see most of you last night. Ryan Dortch sent this story to me about Taylor Twellman, one of the best strikers the U.S. has ever produced, who had his career cut short with multiple head injuries. Yesterday’s presentation was an excellent reminder about where the game stands in the order of importance.

It is one thing to have a player “loopy” and quite another to have them in a wheel chair or even dead…..and as Dr. Laker explained, the gap between those scenarios can be very small. I realize that most of us grew up playing when it showed toughness to get back out there after having your bell rung. Now there is so much more research and proof that we have to trump toughness with being smart and safe.

The slide last night that hit me the most was the one that asked…”What is this game worth?”  In comparison to the health and lives of all athletes, whether they play for us or not, all games (including state, regional, national or even higher) are really meaningless.  If you always keep that in mind, you can rest assured that you will make sound decisions for your players and you will always be supported by the club.

Have a great break in December!

And more here from a later post:

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Tweet: Taylor Twellman To Retire

Steve Goff at the Washington Post is reporting that New England Revolution striker Taylor Twellman–who has scheduled an announcement for 10:30am PDT tomorrow–is set to retire.

Lingering effects of concussions have kept Twellman away from the game for more than a year now.

Twellman, just 30, marks his career with 101 MLS goals and 5 All-Star appearances. He also was on the vanguard of Yank movement overseas having begun his career in the reserves at Bundesliga club 1860 Munich and then been denied a transfer by MLS to Norwegian-based Odd Grenland.

We’ll have more here (and Taylor has agreed to an interview with TSG) shortly.

For now though, my favorite Twellman moment? In a States uniform, at San Francisco’s then-Pac Bell park, Twellman ruled the roost against Japan in February 2006.

Here, the game winner:

Do You Want Kljestan Representing?

Okay, we need your participation.


Kljestan: USMNTer? Yes or No?

A lot of banter after last night’s Galaxy game regarding Sacha Kljestan’s expletive-laced tirade at officials. Most of the conversation–both on TSG and from, like we mentioned earlier, Taylor Twellman–is gyrating towards the notion that Kljestan should have gotten a straight red card,  Twellman was all over the behavior of players last night on Twitter and is still at it today. Note, we are inferring that Twellman’s tweeterings are inclusive and perhaps specific to Kljestan because of their timing.

Thank you, Master Kick-Matic

Couple Kjestan’s piece of minded-ness last evening with his national team call-up today, throw in his inconsistent place, his brooding in the earlier part of the year when he didn’t get a transfer, and many fans feel the Chivas star’s trip to Bratislava is underserved. Or do they?

The main issue to remind being his temperament, not play, on the pitch.

So we ask the following question specifically in response to Kljestan’s referee abuse–yes TSG believes it’s abuse–last evening:


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