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Across The Pond Through Henry’s Eyes

A four-part “special report” with “exclusive access” to New York Red Bulls’ forward Thierry Henry by Sky Sports. The piece, for me, is really more a commentary on the assumptions and stereotypes of the States and its soccer.

Would be swell if he spent more time in front of the camera on the pitch than in trendy attire.

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Thierry Henry Doing Whatever It Takes

FRIDAY UPDATE: Said Thierry Henry today, “Of course the fairest solution would be to replay the game but it is not in my control.”

Not surprisingly, the soccer world sits transfixed this morning on Thierry Henry’s helping hand rather than the USMNT’s poor showing in Aarhus.

The play that propelled France to a World Cup finals over Ireland is being almost universally seen as a deliberate handball. In fact, Henry himself even admitted he used his left paw to bat the ball down towards his feet and left his fate at the mercy of the referee.

The game shouldn’t and won’t be replayed, but what about Henry’s confession? Is this one time we wish a player wasn’t honest? Would the injustice be a little more palatable if Henry had said, “The ball bounced up towards me and I did my best to control and pass to William.” Perhaps.

What Henry did on the pitch was wrong, but no matter which way he went with his comments after the game, he wasn’t going to be right. You might as well have asked Henry whether he wanted to be known as a “cheater” or “admitted cheater” at that point.

Not a classy move for someone who is reprenting a pretty good World Cup cause nonetheless off the pitch.

Grant Wahl wondered aloud last night (via Twitter) whether “fair play still mattered” in reference to Henry suggesting it was the official, not he that was at fault. Calls for “fair play” with the inference that Henry should somehow have red-carded himself for the infraction are easy when the fate of a proud footballing nation isn’t resting on your shoulders and you haven’t been taught to do everything it takes to win. And when was the last time the scoring team approached the referee asking him to disallow the goal?

Those who support Ireland as well as those who wanted to see France lose are justifiably outraged at the official, Henry and to an extent FIFA,  but let’s not forget that Ireland had 180 other minutes to ensure that one moment of shenanigans wouldn’t derail their World Cup bid.

Just 1 Goal: Well Done Thierry Henry, Kanu, et all

Focused on 1Goal

Focused on 1Goal

From time-to-time we will explore the power of The Beautiful Game to make a difference around the world.

We missed the launch of this yesterday, but it’s worth sharing today.

Thierry Henry, Michael Owen, and John Pantsil among other international supporters have joined up to begin a support campaign to, in general, bring education to children in Africa, entitled: The 1Goal Initiative.

Having a sister who works in Chad in central Africa, TSG thinks it’s great to see the focus that will be coming to the continent due to the World Cup next year. This campaign is coordinated for that moment of high exposure.

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